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iOS 7.0 Tips and Tricks: How to Use Your Apple Device Better

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How to Better Use Your iPhone, iPod or iPad with iOS 7.0 Tips and Tricks

i06-ios7-gadget-grave-tips-and-tricks   Using your iPhone, iPod or iPad to greater advantage has just gotten better with iOS 7.0. It is packed with new features and improvements to features from previous versions of iOS. New Apple devices like the iPhone 5S come with iOS 7.0 already installed but if you have an older model, you may be able to upgrade to 7.0. It would be worth doing so you can get more from your device with these tips and tricks for some of the features. Need your iPhone 5 fixed? We can fix it! Airdrop File Sharing Feature Airdrop is one of the more outstanding features of iOS 7.0. It is easy to use to share contacts, photos, videos and more. In this new operating system, Airdrop is enabled by default so you can start sharing files with your device right from the start. One drawback is that it can only share files with other iOS 7 devices that have Airdrop enabled. Hopefully, it will eventually be able to share with Macs as well.
When Airdrop is enabled, Bluetooth and WiFi are automatically enabled too. There is no need to enable them separately. If you have other devices with Airdrop enabled, those devices will show on your Share panel so you can send files to those devices easily.
As with any type of file sharing application on a device, it does cause the battery to drain faster. A
good tip is to turn off Airdrop when you will not be using it so you will not need to charge your device as often. Simply tap twice on Airdrop in the control center and you will be given to the option to turn it off. One of the other options you will see there is to make your device discoverable to just the people on your contact list or to everyone. You can decide how expansive or limited you want the ability of people to find and share files with you. ios7-user-interface-iphone-ipad Use SIRI to Talk to Your Device SIRI doesn't just follow voice commands to open apps. It does so much more. One trick you can do with it is to take notes using your voice instead of using the virtual keyboard. Simply open the note app and then tap the microphone icon and say what you want noted. You can make a grocery list or whatever else you want. SIRI has the ability to accept and read text messages to you. You can also send text messages using it. Say "send a text" and name the person in your contact list you want to send it to, say your message after which SIRI will repeat it to you and ask if you want it sent. It can also be used to not only keep track of appointments but also schedule them. If you ask SIRI a question and it makes a mistake in understanding you, you can either repeat what you asked or tap the relevant question on the screen and the virtual keyboard will appear so you can edit. This ability is especially nice for questions about the weather as you can change the place you are asking about. You don't need to ask what the weather is specifically. You can simply ask if it will be cold and SIRI will tell you the temperature. Security is a concern for most people and this has been considered in the design of SIRI. Your iPhone can be locked but without securing SIRI, it could bypass the lock and render your device vulnerable. A security tip is to set SIRI up with a passcode lock when you are going to lock you device. This will minimize the security risk.
Find My iPhone Keeps Your Device Secure
As the name of this feature implies, Find My iPhone can help locate your phone if it is lost or stolen. However, in iOS 7.0, it does more than this. The app has a new feature to help make your phone more secure from being used by unauthorized persons. It is called Activation Lock. When this is turned on, you need to use your Apple ID and password to allow anyone to shut off Find My iPhone, erase everything on your phone and/or reactivate it and use it. Your ID is linked to your device so when you turn Find My iPhone on, Activation Lock automatically becomes active. If you lose your device or think someone may have stolen it, get to your computer and log into your Apple iCloud account. Turn on Lost Mode for your phone. This locks your screen so it only displays your customized message along with your phone number so there is a chance of it being returned to you. To get past this screen, a four digit passcode needs to be used to open the phone to its regular screen for use. Should you want to replace your phone for any reason, you will need to turn off Find My iPhone and erase it completely. When you are purchasing a used phone with iOS 7.0, be sure the previous owner has also done this so you can activate and use the phone. The people at Gadget Grave can help you with all of this. They will buy your old phone, have previously owned iPhones available for sale and can help you ensure you are able to activate and use your new phone.

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