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Kindle Fire HDX: The Newest Kindle Fire in the Lineup

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Amazon has become one of the leaders in the tablet market, thanks to their dedication to creating a powerful device that can be used for many different things. When you consider the Kindle Fire HDX specifications, you will find that it is a device that makes sense. Not only does it offer a long battery life of at least ten hours, but you can comfortably hold it for hours thanks to its lightweight design. amazon_fire_hdx_origami_cover-jpgOf course, the Kindle Fire HDX is getting buzz that goes beyond just its features. Things like the origami inspired HDX cases, powerful HDX charger and other useful HDX accessories have also been noticed by reviewers. Something to keep in mind is that for those who are worried about appearance, the HDX accessories will be important. This is a device that comes across looking like a runner up, rather than the winner it actually is. But once you have tossed it in one of the HDX cases, you can quickly focus on the important facts and that is that the new device is designed to be an effective and powerful tool that delivers. amazon-kindle-fire-hdx-origami-caseAt initial glance, the Kindle Fire HDX specifications seem rather normal. There is the 7” and 8.9” that previous versions have had. The device itself is designed to be comfortably held and the initial cost is low. You can pick up a 16 GB version for as little as $379 while the ad free 64 GB model runs $494. The buttons on the unit have also been rearranged to make them less bulky and to improve the experience that users will have with this device. The high definition display is also impressive considering the price and the size of the model. The unit offers a 2560 x 1600 resolution with 339 pixels per inch. The unit even has one up on the iPad Air in terms of brightness and reflectance. It even has been shown to be the most accurate when displaying absolute color. That’s not something you will find in some of the other tablets on the market. For the full power of the device to be realized, you need to invest in Amazon Prime. This is designed to use the Kindle Fire HDX specifications to their fullest. With it, you can stream
movies, TV shows and more to your device and have an exciting world of entertainment. Of course, if at any point and time you do experience a problem you can’t handle, you don’t have to sit on the phone or online waiting for help. If you push a button the HDX, you will be connected with an Amazon tech in seconds. They can then walk you through the fix you need and draw on the tablet’s screen so you can watch they are doing. The result will be one incredible support experience. amazon-kindle-fire-gadget-grave-fort-smithWhen you add in the 2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor, the powerful camera and other tablet essentials, you will quickly find that this will be one of the best investments you can make for a tablet. It is sleek, well designed and it is backed by one of the most powerful companies on the internet. That makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to invest in a tablet for movies, apps or to even read their favorite authors.

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