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Computer Running Slow? Upgrade Your Computer Instead of Buying a New One!

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No one wants to own a slow computer. However, as the system gets older and technology requires more power, your system will eventually appear to be working at a crawl. This is when the need to speed up computer will come into play. With some simple things like a RAM upgrade or even a hard drive upgrade, you will have a system you can count on without having to buy a brand new one.


Taking your slow computer into a repair shop can be a wise idea. These professionals can look at your system and determine what your best choices may be. For example, if you have lots of movies, music and games on your system, a hard drive upgrade might be of use to you. This can be as simple as adding in a second drive, or replace the existing hard drive and putting a larger one into the computer. Then your files can be moved to it and there will be more room for you to utilize everything. A disk defragment is also another possibility to consider.

In turn, a RAM upgradeRam-upgradewill give you more power than you currently have. This can help your computer system to operate in a more efficient manner. You do need to pay close attention to the type of RAM needed and in some cases, you will need to upgrade your RAM in sets of 2, so keep that in mind.


Sometimes, the removal of spyware, viruses, key loggers and more will be important for you to get the speed you are looking for. In many cases, you may not even know that they are there. When you have a professional shop look into your system, they will be able to tell you whether these items are causing you a problem or not. They can then help you fix your system and you will be in better shape. It can also pay to do any of the following under the advice of the professional as well, including:

  • Update your bios to the latest version

  • Run a system boot cleaner

  • Upgrade programs that are old or outdated or replace them with more efficient software

  • Clean your registry key

As you begin to take action, you will find that your slow computer will quickly improve in speed and efficiency. Eventually, you can speed up computer enough that it will seem brand new and you will once again be able to use the software and programs you love. Just remember that if you don’t know what you are doing, it can cause damage to the system itself. This is one of the reasons it is best to choose professional companies like Gadget Graveyard to help you to speed up computer and to ensure that your computer continues to operate at peak performance. If any concerns are found, they can let you know and ensure that you have some peace of mind when it comes to your operating system.

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