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Samsung Galaxy Mega - Samsung's Best Tablet is its Worst Smartphone

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Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Mega

Looking at the device from that perspective, it's apparent that the Samsung Galaxy Mega shouldn’t be shamed for being too large, but should be applauded for being perfectly designed. After many iterations, Samsung has finally created the pocket-sized tablet – large enough to comfortably view content, yet small enough to live in your pocket. Sure, the Galaxy Tab 7  might have a nicer display and a better Android experience, but just try to fit it in your pocket. Same thing can be said for Samsung’s Note 10.1, 8.1,  and larger Galaxy tablets – even the Galaxy tab 7 3.0, at only .7 inches larger than the Galaxy Mega, is just big enough to need a spot in your bag, or at the very least its own cargo pocket. The Galaxy Mega, on the other hand, fits comfortably in just about any (non-skinny) jeans in your wardrobe. The device specifications do leave much to be desired in comparison to other devices for the same price.



This Smart device from Samsung has a 6.3 inch 720p screen (233 PPI). This time  Samsung went with the TFT-LCD rather than the AMOLED they normally put on the Galaxy line. The screen is good, There's certainly not a whole lot of visible pixelation, but it's not as vibrant and the blacks aren't nearly as inky as they are on the Galaxy S4.

The camera  is sharp but it really struggles with dynamic range. Details are almost always lost in the shadows. It was also typically very off in color temperature. And again, it's really awkwardly sized for taking photos on. It is also just a standard 8MP, you’d think with a device this big they’d give us an impressive shooter. The front camera left me in awe with its noise and grain, taking selfies is definitely not this phones specialty. galaxy-mega-6.3-huge-screen The fatal flaw with this device is that it positively drags through anything you want it to do. Want to open an app? Tap it, Then wait several seconds for it to open. The same thing for going to the home screen. If you accidentally tap the wrong app, it could take you a full 15 seconds to get out of it and into the one you wanted.

Battery life is really, really exceptional. You would think that the giant screen would pretty much eat up all of the 3,200mAh batteries life extremely fast, but it really doesn't. I never had to charge it during the day with some pretty heavy usage. With very light usage I stretched it to two days. That's impressive.

samsung-huge-phone-gadget-grave It's absolutely gigantic! The phone is 6.60 inches tall by 3.46 inches wide. It's extraordinarily thin given its other dimensions, at 0.31 inches, but it's certainly a two-hander. I have fairly large hands and trying to use this device one-handed resulted in frustration. It's also got that plastic back that is common with all Samsung phones that I've never particularly cared for. On the back is a little bump for the camera. Up front is Samsung's (Apple  familiar?)  mechanical home button, and capacitive buttons for Back and Menu. Android devices don’t need them anymore, and I wish companies would just get on board with that already.  

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