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The LG G2

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LG came in fiercely in the year 2013, releasing some very high-end aggressively priced super-phones. Namely was the LG G2 or the LG-D800 as the AT&T techies call it. LG told everybody that it would listen to it’s customers desires from inception to manufacturing of this device, and they did! There are many beloved features of the G2 that I’d love to see on every smartphone released from here on out. Lets list five great things we love about the phone!


Five Good Things

1. Knock on, knock off. How ingenious! Why hasn’t anybody done this before? If I want to quickly view what notifications I have, I don’t even have to pick it up. Two quick taps on the screen and it wakes right up; then double tab the status bar and it’s off again. Why can’t every phone do this?

2. Display Display Display! Wow LG, you’ve outdone yourselves. This display makes retina look old school. Individual pixels are indistinguishable as they should be with a 5.2” 424 PPI LCD IPS display like this one! If only Samsung was smart enough to ditch the old PenTile display! This display puts 99% of all other smartphone displays to shame, it’s absolutely stunning! 3. Two words: Plug & Pop. When plugging headphones or a charging cable into the device while awake, you get a small menu with customizable apps that you can now click to open since you plugged in. Android has long been behind Apple with ease of music. On the iPhone its a swipe and a click away, on the G2 it’s as easy as plugging in your headphones and picking which streaming app to use. (Because who really downloads music anymore?) lg-g2-review-gadget-grave 4. Answer me has to be one of the most innovative feature I experienced on the device. When receiving a phone call, simply bring the phone up to your face. The phone will then automatically silence the ringtone and answer the call. Now Swiping to answer has never been a huge inconvenience, but this is great for two reasons. First, it takes one less step out of something we do at least once a day; every day of our lives. Second, it's wonderful if you’re driving. I’ve fought my attention span when trying to answer a call and watch the road countless times. This is another one of those things I’d love to see on every smartphone from here on out. 5. That. Camera. 13 megapixels isn’t going to make a camera stellar, as we learned when the iPhone 5S stomped all competition with it’s humble 8MP shooter. This smartphone's camera definitely stacks up in comparison, though. With 9 focus zones, and as many options as a professional or novice photographer mighty need, you can expect the ability to take a picture however you may need to. The front camera on this device is crystal clear and can make full 1080P resolution recordings or Skype calls (where supported.) In low-light it’s no slouch either. Expect to be able to take a picture wherever you may need to, in almost any lighting situation. LG-G2-Gadget-Grave-Review Well Done, LG!

In light, the device is no slouch. Especially compared to some of the devices LG has come out with in the last five years. With a Quad-Core 2.3GHZ processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB standard size memory, you won’t have any problems keeping this device for the full duration of your 1 or 2 year contract. Well done, LG!


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