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Target App Review

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Target Cartwheel:  ( )

Who doesn’t love Target?  With their stores packed with cute, trendy clothes and a selection of food- I love this store.  Target Cartwheel is a great way to add savings to your shopping experience. The best part of this app is that you can use it in conjunction with coupons, other in-store discounts and with the REDcard (which is either a credit card or an card attached to you checking account that gives you 5% off your purchases each time you use it!).  In this economy, it is great to combine these offers for savings.


The app is available for both Android and IPhones.  You sign-in through Facebook or create an account with e-mail.  When the app first loads, the first page includes new deals and a selection of discounts your friends have found/used on Cartwheel.  Hit the menu button and you can browse each department for deals, see your friend’s Cartwheel and review your saved items.  Once you have found the deals you want, save them to your Cartwheel and head to the store; get your items and checkout.  At the checkout, you hand the checker, your coupons and then access the Target Cartwheel app, go to my Cartwheel and pull up the barcode then the checker scans the barcodes and the discounts are given.   ( )

While the app does have its share of problems:  from the inability to use on clearance items, long lists to navigate, buggy and cashiers are not always trained, it does save money – and if you are counting pennies:  it saves quite a bit of money.


The ratings are mostly positive with a few people who struggle with its use due to no internet on cell phone/tablets to the bugs in the app or people who cannot sign-in without Facebook ( ).


Some ways I have learned to navigate the app:

  1. Review your friend’s Cartwheel.  Many of my friends buy the same items as I do so I see what savings they have listed and if I need the item, I save from their list.

  2. Search the categories and type in the name of the items that have coupons.

  3. Review items under HOT DEALS and WEEKLY AD while watching TV or waiting in a doctor’s office.


When I first login, I review the deals posted and then I review what my friends are finding.  From there, I review the categories- search for items I have coupons for and plan what I will go to Target and get.  I have used this app several times and I have saved money on needed items.  My first purchase did not include any coupons but I used it to buy Target brand shredded cheese, saved $0.45 just with the app, then added savings with my REDcard discount.  The cheese cost less than shredded cheese at other discount box stores (like Wal-Mart).


I would recommend the app to anyone- the savings start at around 5% and increase, plus the addition of coupons (in-store and manufacture’s) and you could cut your budget by at least 10% on items such as toiletries, food and even clothes.

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