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DIY Tech Projects

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Awkwardly short phone charger? Recycle!

There are many ways you can take ordinary household items and reuse them for other purposes. The next time you start to throw a toilet paper roll away think twice! Is all this stuff really trash? What if you could take trash and make something useful out of it. Finding solutions for problems can be as simple as taking a second look at what you are throwing away. Here are a few simple trash hacks that can be utilized for your devices and life in general! Lotion Bottle Phone Charging Hammock  (DIY Tech Projects)

I think all of us despise short charging cables for our phones, especially iPhone users. You can do this with any plastic bottle really but baby lotion bottles seem to work the best. Basically you just draw out a pattern on the old bottle and cut off the top leaving a good sized arch in the back to hang the bottle with a DIY custom cutout, on your charging block.The phone sits in this cradle along with the cable and stays right where you hang it. You can customize it anyway you like. There are quite a few ideas out there from Mod Podging to marker designs but you get the idea. Check out this one



Toilet Paper Roll Speaker

I’ll admit this is a stretch but it does work and its not bad for a little office, bedroom or even bathroom. Basically what you do is grab a marker, scissors, a toilet paper roll and a couple of push pins for feet. Place your phone on top of the toilet paper roll and draw a line around it. Now cut out the drawn shape for your phone, make sure it is snug but not too tight. Place the push pins in the back of the toilet paper roll to work as feet. You can also cut out a front window to access the navigation on your iPod. While this is a little extreme thrift, it gets you in the mindset of taking simple items and reusing them.



Bread Clip Cable Labels

We have all encountered a plastic bread clip in our life, and probably thrown away quite a lot of them. These things are great for labeling different cables behind your computer or entertainment center. Simply write the identifier on the tab and place it on any cable. This really comes in handy with a desk like mine with a ton of cables from various gadgets dangling. Another idea coupled with this one, would be to grab some more toilet paper rolls that you're hopefully saving by now (they are even good for starting fires in a pinch) and tack them to the back of the entertainment center to help cables stay untangled.


Zippo Lighter USB Drive Protector 

The title speaks for itself on this one. While you should know that Zippo will repair any of the working parts in your Zippo forever, if you just so happen to not have the guts of the Zippo or not need a lighter, you can put your flash drive in it and it works pretty well to protect it. It also works as a camouflage since flash drives (at least mine) have a knack for disappearing. As a matter of fact theres a few things you can do to hide a flash drive.

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