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mega Megapolis- I used to play the game Sim City, where I could build my own city and even control the weather and cause natural disasters to happen just so I could rebuild it all again. While Megapolis doesn’t have the weather features, it is reminiscent of the old classic and you can build cities to your liking and compete with players around you to build the ultimate city. The game is mostly about how much money you can rake in and keep building up and out which is made easier with a little help from your friends on Facebook(but not completely necessary). Once you have a few industrial buildings up you will begin to rake in the dough! It’s free you can check it out anytime on the App Store or Google Play app_store_badge_en_0609Available_GooglePlay_Button     In the beginning of the game you should get a lot of “mega bucks” which I recommend you use on territory expansion, those are hard to come by and so are the expansions, use the megabucks wisely! deer-hunter-2014 Deer Hunter 2014- This is a new favorite for me and I have definitely put some time in ascending the ranks as an expert marksman! I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks whenever I have a few minutes to kill and it’s addicting. Each stage features several different types of hunting for a different animal every time. As you bag your game you also rack up cash to spend in the weapon store upgrading your existing guns or buying new ones. You can customize them from stock to barrel and achieve tremendous knockdown power with the newest guns and high tech gear. This app is free and I highly recommend you check it out! app_store_badge_en_0609Available_GooglePlay_Button   Infinity_Blade_3 Infinity Blade 1 and 2- Honestly I was pretty skeptical of the gameplay before I downloaded these two games. The videos looked pretty great for a smartphone but many times the videos look better than reality. I can tell you firsthand that these two games are worth the money at $2.99. The swipe to swing sword attacks and defense are the first things I loved about Infinity Blade. You can gain different weapons as you go and upgrade the ones you have, if your diligent you can find all sorts of extra cash and potions in hidden chests. You have to look closely for these as some of them are only available in cut-scenes in which you can just tap the chest with your finger and it will release its contents into your inventory! app_store_badge_en_0609   tetris Tetris- No further explanation needed right? For those of you that know and love this game it is available on Android, iOS and even Windows phone. The cost I believe was around $1 or free and it is well worth it. Visuals of the game are better by far than its predecessors and there are now several little power-ups you can use when you need them. It is definitely still the old addicting game it used to be, just added power-ups and visual aesthetics to keep you playing longer. The easiest way to collect these power ups is to be quick and wipe out as many rows as possible in one move! app_store_badge_en_0609Available_GooglePlay_Button  

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