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Mac or PC

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Lately questions like “Which is better Mac or PC?” have increased quite a lot (usually met with a resounding laugh and a snarky answer about how great Mac is). While I’ll certainly admit they are pretty great, PC’s are still a cornerstone for now and while their sales have declined there is unlimited potential to the term Personal Computer. Microsoft is working every day to push new devices that do amazing things. I thought a few examples of the two companies overall goals might help someone  be better understand. Mac-vs-Windows-Part-2-2 I like my iMac because it is simple, yet behind-the-scenes beautifully complex and powerful. I can manage my work with little effort and it is the same experience every single time, rarely do I have a hiccup. I have a set routine and order to my workflow that OSX accomplishes beautifully. Routines are what attract me to the Apple experience in general. I’m not saying that Mac’s don’t have problems they do, its just rare in comparison to PC. Whenever I need to swap screens and work on something else for a minute or write an email in a full screen mail app, I just swipe three fingers on the (truly) Magic Trackpad and its done with no fuss or lag. Apple works tirelessly at creating what they hope is a perfect experience. The only issue is that for many (myself included) they are a serious investment, usually costing over $900 for a close-to-current model. Getamac What if you had an OS across all of your devices so that you have all the same experience everytime. All of your devices would be perfectly married and your data kept safe in a snuggly virtual cloud. This unified experience is what Microsoft has developed their OS around these days. They want one experience for you the consumer, across every device be it tablet, smartphone or laptop and they want it to work smoothly. The familiarity that Windows 7 bore to its predecessors has faded in Windows 8 in the hopes of birthing a new app centered experience more secure than ever before. I use a Windows 8 machine at home and I absolutely love it for a media center/office on the weekend computer. I keep it clean with routine maintenance thats pretty simple to perform and doesn’t take much time. The best part about my PC is that I got it for under $400, and it’s not an economy model! Mac_vs_PC The question of which is better can best be answered by asking yourself what you're looking for. While money is probably the first thing most of us think about these days try and look at a Mac as a computer that will not need many upgrades for a few years. The real thing you want to focus on is what type of experience you want. Windows 8 delivers a graphics heavy approach, which seems to stay pretty smooth throughout an array of economy to upper end computers. Giving you fluid movement between apps, desktop and the new search everything screen. Mac will offer you a highly advanced operating system that while it might take some getting used to (if you're a veteran windows user) can simplify your day. If I have to draw a line between the two in my own life I would say I prefer Mac for work and PC for play. Thats my personal preference developed from trying both many, many times. When in doubt. go try one out, head down to Gadget Grave and check out some of the differences up close!

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