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5 Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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This light bulb is bluetooth enabled and changes colors on command from your smartphone. You can actually control multiple bulbs at once and these things have decent reviews. The cost is a little high (around $65) still for something like this, and while the technology might get cheaper it may not ever catch on either. I like the idea however, and while I do not own one I solidly believe that I want one! Check out the video reviews, its actually really amazing.


How do you shave? I have used both disposable and refillable razors and have paid the price for it over the years. The company that makes this little device claims they can save you up to 90% on razors! While this isn’t exactly electronic, it certainly is technology worth passing on. The sharpener is supposed to be able to sharpen ANY razor and increase it from 10 shaves per blade up to 100 shaves per blade. This little gadget is under $25 and it is super easy to use and it cuts down on waste(pardon the pun). Definitely worth a look if you shave more than 2-3 times a week.


The SkyBell Wifi Doorbell is a fantastic addition to your household gadgetry and is relatively inexpensive for what it does. This gadget mounts to the front door of your house and replaces your existing doorbell with a more 2014 version. When a visitor presses the doorbell it initiates a video call to your iOS or Android device no matter where you are and you can then see, hear and talk to them. It has night vision as well as motion detection that will alert you with a video call as well when someone is lurking in front of the door without ringing which is actually a nice security feature. You can pre-order one today and they should be available sometime early February 2014 and the cost is $200.

This bluetooth deadbolt by Kwikset would go great with your new fancy doorbell. Just imagine you someone you trust is waiting out in the weather or in their car for you to make it home to let them in. You get a video call from your doorbell and then send them a bluetooth key to your house. This is a great innovation that could save you from ever worrying about key copies floating around again!  You can pick one up today for around $220.


The external hard drive has certainly improved over the past few years and I think this one takes the cake for portability and ease of use. There are many different brands putting these out now but I like Seagates version which comes in at a manageable $179.99 for a 1TB drive. The cool part about this little drive is you can take it with you anywhere and access all of your stuff wirelessly(has its own wifi network), as well as stream high def movie rips with no problem! Plus it has a 10hr battery life. A fantastic gadget for 2014!

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