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Google Drive Explained

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Google Drive is a service that offers a place to store your files in an easily accessed cloud drive and its also the home of Google Docs. This is an amazing, groundbreaking service that currently is offering the world a free way to do awesome things with documents.There are several different features that set Google Drive apart from other previous Cloud and Document Creation experiences. That last sentence sounded a little rough, remember clicking save or tapping Control +S 30 times while writing a big paper for fear that your battery would die in your laptop, or a power surge hits and you're on a desktop with no battery backup? How about when you were scared to not safely remove your flash drive, because your buddy didn’t one time and lost his entire college portfolio? What I’m basically trying to say is it’s time to move forward. collaborate I was recently talking to someone about some documents that they had lost over 10 years ago due to their hard drive going out. Most of it was school stuff, but some of it was poetry that was super sentimental and written by this person and they didn’t have paper copies. I personally hate when this happens to anybody, it’s not a great experience but these days it is 100% avoidable. Google Drive allows you to work on your document in a fireproof, waterproof, kid-proof, everything except total destruction of the internet proof box. All you have to do is setup a gmail account. Sound too good to be true? Nope, it’s actually taken a grip across the world in the way small businesses, elementary to college students, average joe’s and families everywhere are saving their stuff! Screen-Shot-google-drive Google Drive Apps, an inexpensive paid service worked for a local factory that has fully incorporated it into their everyday lives to communicate inventory and other important messages throughout the small plant. It costs them $5 per user per month with the option to add or subtract users at any time. They have live documents and as they edit the spreadsheet for inventory the entire plant gets a live update as well as a detail of who’s changing what! Previously an inventory system like this was quoted to them for thousands of dollars that didn’t even have all the features Google Doc’s did. They were able to use this incredible online service with out-dated and relatively slow computers. Before this, they were saving an Excel file on to a 3½ Floppy Drive which took about 5 minutes total from the time you clicked it to being able to use it in Excel, compared to now editing in real-time with minimal lag. GoogleDrive For teams, there really isn’t much competition. The ability to talk to your co-workers or friends looking at a document with you and point out different pieces of it to them or make changes in real-time is fantastic.Remember meeting with your group in the library and hoping that everyone had done their part or saved in the right format? How about the day before the presentation when you have the unlucky job of assembling everyone elses information into one big document. Won’t be a problem anymore! Try Google Drive and see what it can do for you.

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