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Games that Train your Brain

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Want to improve your memory and problem solving skills and there are several apps on the market right now for free that can help you do just that. The games stimulate different parts of your brain that typically don’t get stimulated enough and thus increase your capacity in those areas. Exercising your brain is a proven method to improve overall brain function and health, the easiest way to do that is play games right? Here are few games that I’ve been playing to help my meandering brain.



Lumosity is a website that is dedicated to the training of each brain’s individual needs and wants. They basically ask you what aspects of your brain you’d like to improve and then provide you with games to specifically train that part of your brain. The app is a replica of the site and allows you to pick up right where you left off on your browser. This is a great app when you have a little downtime to kill and want to do something fun yet therapeutic for your complex and super-busy brain. The science of neuroplasticity is the main focus of Lumosity’s game-plan. The more you use certain parts of your brain the more things start happening there. New pathways are built and old ones reorganized. The idea is similar to the saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease in that the brain develops quickly in the area of need expressed to it.


Fit Brains Trainer is a highly rated app that delivers much the same content as Lumosity’s app but you can actually choose which game you want to play while Lumosity just gives you the next recommended game. I like the feature in this app that reminds you once a day to do your brain training. I set mine for 10PM because that is usually when I’m home and done with most of the things I need to get done. If you get bored with memory games this app can help you develop other areas of the mind such as cognitive processing speed and many more. This app is free of charge but requires a subscription in order to track progress and access more games, just like Lumosity does. Keeping your attention is not a problem as this app is packed full of entertaining and short to the point games.


My favorite app that stimulates your brain is QuizUp. You can compete against friends or random people and there are quite a few categories to choose from. It's visually aesthetic and smooth gameplay makes it top on my list of things to do when I’m bored! It has completely replaced my prior Words with Friends addiction. You get scored and level up throughout the game whether you win or not. If you haven’t tried it yet its a free download and its definitely worth checking out. If you want to see what the gameplay, category chat and leaderboards look like click the link below and scroll through the screen shots.



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