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Why I use Google Chrome

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There are several reasons I prefer Google Chrome as my internet browser. At Gadget Grave it’s our go to browser for reliability, speed and security. The features of Google Chrome and the ease of use are what make it a streamlined one stop solution for surfing the internet the way you want to. It doesn’t matter where you are or what device your using, Chrome will use your custom settings with a simple login. The real magic is in the details of this browser and when you put all of the features to use you’ll fall in love with using Chrome.


Chrome is built for speed, from top to bottom it is designed to load pages and accomplish its role as a browser faster than any other. Within seconds of clicking/touching the icon for Chrome the program launches which in and of itself is better than other browsers (even with no add-ons). The omnibox which is the address bar/search bar uses the most powerful search engine in the world to help suggest sites for your or search queries as you type in the omnibox. Chrome also uses groundbreaking V8 javascript technology to load web applications faster than any other browser. It’s fast for sure, but it’s also super efficient!


Signing in to Google Chrome with your free Google account unlocks the ability to access your favorites, links, settings and history to any Chrome browser. This single feature, while not used by Chrome only, is amazing and cut down on hunting for old links that you’ve saved or trying to locate where that site was that you forgot to save the night before at home. I love applications that make my life easier and allow me to focus more on life itself and less on my device. Synchronizing yourself to a Chrome browser will also save your progress no matter where you are, so when you're browsing at work or in the library or McDonalds your data is safely tucked away. You can also customize Chrome with themes, add extensions, use apps and fill out forms and passwords all by just signing in.


While bells and whistles have their place, Chrome hides the bells and whistles to eliminate clutter. The idea is to give you a simple interface to work on that has powerful built-in features. The security thats built-in protects you malware as well as phishing protection and auto updates to keep you even more secure. The incognito browser comes in handy as well and is two clicks away from covering your tracks in case you’re looking for a gift for someone that uses your computer or you just simply want privacy while accessing your bank account or email. No need to be concerned about losing all your pages once your done either. Chrome separates your incognito experience into a different window all together. Chrome also uses sandboxing to protect you from malicious websites that would otherwise drop programs on your computer or collect information about you and use it against you. Chrome really is in our opinion the best browser out there for all around internet surfing!

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