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Technology for a Healthier Planet

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Bill Gates recently made a statement regarding breakthroughs in technology being the key to better health care, check out this article on Forbes. He believes this and has dedicated the rest of his life towards advancing that cause, and has made the prediction that by 2035 we will see almost no more poor countries with lacking health care. More and more companies are climbing on board the health technology train. Why not? Don’t we want to live longer and want to experience every last waking minute here as healthy as possible? There are big things coming that will hopefully help us do just that, and plenty of tech giants with their own innovations leading the pack. Technology can be a game changer for treatment of anything  from common ailments to some of the worst diseases of our time.

 Medical technology has progressed rapidly and recent breakthroughs have the world in awe. People are able to walk again and be mobile after a debilitating injury because of exoskeleton technology. Progress indeed has been made when we are able to restore other senses with technology such as sight and hearing. We inch closer every single day to breakthroughs that might one day cure cancer or stop other once incurable diseases in their tracks. Apple might be developing a revolutionary watch that tracks your everyday health habits including sleeping habits,movement and speed analysis when walking to determine how many calories you’re burning. Advanced pedometers are only the tip of the iceberg. We all hope to live a longer life, could our electronics soon be monitoring our everyday health as well. New devices for diabetes management now allow patients to carry an all-in-one kit to monitor their blood glucose levels and recent breakthroughs in the field suggest future instantaneous no-prick readings.Temporal scanners like Scanadu can send feedback to a smartphone for five different vital signs by simply pressing it to the forehead for 10 seconds. You get accurate readings of temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart ECG.    

What does the future really look like? Seeing a video of a woman hearing for the first time,or a man walking upright who was previously bed-ridden is simply amazing! Every year we land on the moon again in a new frontier of electronics, but what about our life quality. Only a few years went by and the smartphone industry exploded, to the point where very few people in the US aren’t carrying one. The frontier of medical technology is ever expanding and as the tech gets better, so does our understanding of the human body. To design our everyday devices around making our lives better, the marriage of technology and health science is unavoidable. We do want to live longer, happier more connected lives and we want our health care to be less complicated. Technology holds the key to a happier, healthier future.

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