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Viggle Rewards

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In today’s economy, people are always looking for ways to save money, get money or rewards, ect.  There are so many apps popping up, promising “free stuff” and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are worth the time.  I have decided to try as many of these apps as possible.  This article will review two “reward” apps.


First up is Viggle.  This app gives you reward points for watching TV.  Simple enough?   Downloading and installing was easy as well as signing up- just signed in using Facebook but the ease ends there.  Viggle listens to your television and you earn points for watching.  I am not sure how to really earn points.  I used this app while watching Pirates of the Caribbean and it seems easy but you do not get many points- to maximize points, you must use the app throughout the show in order to earn more than five points.  During the AFC/NFC championship games, you could earn extra points by “playing” their game.  Viggle just is not very convenient unless you take the time to constantly have the app “listen” to your television and you have time to watch television.  Using this app- for a week, I gained a little over 1000 points.

There is a part to earn points while listening to music, but I could not get this app to work.  Overall, it takes about 3000 points to cash in for your reward.  The rewards range from 10% off of gifts, restaurant gift cards and other gift certificates for places not located in Northwest Arkansas or the River Valley area.  Over all, the app is less than impressive and not worth the time.   This app even has its own Facebook for complaints- but does seem to be filed with mixed reviews.  I do not recommend this app and have uninstalled from my phone.


The second one is called Scantopia.  This app requires some work, but it gives you cash, tokens and coupons.  You scan items; each item gives you cash and/or tokens.  After you have at least three dollars, you can cash out and the tokens are used to entries for drawings consisting of cash, televisions, candy and other items.  The app is a bit time consuming but when you are in the store, you can scan items as you shop or scan items at home.  Scantopia is better than Viggle as it is easier to gain access to “rewards” than from Viggle.  If you want a way to gain a little extra money and possibly win prizes, this app is for you.  It is easy to use and each day, they offer a special item that the first 100 people get extra money for scanning the item.  I did not have any problems using this app and still use it daily.  The reviews are positive ( ).  I like the app but do forget to scan items at Walmart and other stores.

The apps listed are both available through iTunes and the Google play and both are free.

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