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Inexpensive Home Media Tweaks

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There are several ways to build an inexpensive home media system that can make everyone in the family happy! Here are some ways that you can get the experience of some of those super expensive systems right in your home for a fraction of the cost.


Sound systems can be super expensive and come with a bunch of junk that you don’t need many times. If you want an inexpensive sound system for your home entertainment system check out computer speakers. These are typically a fraction of the cost of big brand surround sound systems and the sound quality is fantastic. While the wattage on these smaller units is almost always much lower, for most people turning up to a volume that would showcase that is not neccessarily an option. For instance, I can turn my cheap computer surround system half way up and it comes in loud and clear outside my house. A good place to find speakers like this is either Wal-Mart or I got my first set at Wal-Mart and kept it for 7 years, no crackling, no shorts and still sounds great today.


Smart TV’s are able to connect to Netflix, Hulu and other online media streaming sites. The price of these units has gone down a little but they are still expensive to the average joe. If you own a computer and want to watch netflix on your regular old LCD you can probably do that with just a couple of cables or less. Does your laptop have an HDMI out? This would be ideal seeing as how HDMI is plug and play high definition audio and sound, and most TV’s have HDMI inputs. If your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI out, does it have a VGA out? VGA is a 15 pin output on the side of the laptop, many HDTV’s have this option, the only down side is no sound. If you are going to use VGA to hook your laptop up you’ll need something for audio as well, like an auxiliary cable to go from the headphone port on your laptop to the line in, if available on your TV. Then you can use your laptop with the biggest monitor in your house, your TV! Access any website you want to and watch whatever content you want.


Once you have assembled your home media center I know you’ll be impressed by the ease of use as well as the quality of the entire system. There are many other ways to build inexpensive home media centers, for instance if you don’t have a laptop you can build a media center for $200 or less with the right parts. I typically build them for around $350 fully loaded if that gives you a better idea. They are wonderful little machines that can obliterate your cable bill. If you’d like to see a media center in action search youtube for media center setups and see some of the different ways people set them up.

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