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App Review: Flappy Bird

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You know I love games as much as anyone. I browse the app store looking for things to occupy my down time. My daughter was talking about a game called Flappy bird and how she loves to play the game as well as her friends.  So I download it, you mean devil bird! You think how bad could it be?  Some games can be addictive like The Game of Life and Angry birds. The game is simple, tap the screen and the bird goes up. You must maneuver through breaks in pipes without touching them. Simple right? I would rather sit at a dentist with the drill going full blast! The graphics are Super Mario’esk (pixel shaped) and gameplay is highly addicting. All this adds to the charm and sucks you in. I am talking 8 bit here folks! Sounds are simple also maybe 3 total! You will be flapping away when a stupid pipe decides to jump in front of you! Come-on you know the feeling! Be for-warned you will be hitting a lot of pipes. There are times when the bird dies for some reason. I don’t know if the developers put an invisible wall in this for kicks or what. My next-door neighbor’s daughter was playing and I was like wow; I can do this! Tapping away carefully for 1 hour and I finally got past the 3rd pipe. ARRRG! It is still haunting me. If you use your login for Google Plus you can be ranked and compete with others. I was ranked 6th in my circles which is cool since the top spot has scored 41! How in the world can you get that high without breaking your phone from frustration?                                      This game is addictive for sure. Everyone here at Gadget Grave is playing it! It's a great way to see who's going to be sweeping the floor in the morning. You want to compare scores with friends and family to see who has the higher score and how far your friends and family have gotten. Eventually you will get the hang of it but I haven’t yet. I actually want to throw the phone and be done with it! But it beckons me, taunts me, “pick up the phone” you can do it! And I am sucked in AGAIN. This game sucks you in by frustratingly difficult. The real reason I keep playing is seems so easy that you will want to not give up, It cant be that hard and you prove yourself wrong again and again. This app is available on Android and Google play. Free as always, because everyone knows I am a free type of guy. There are ads but it is only on the start of the game and when you fail, and you will most definitely fail numerous times. Ok…Ok I do love this game for the challenge you got me! Go ahead and give it a go, you will regret it almost instantly when you cannot stop playing. Trust me. You can get this from the Apple app store and Google play. The links below for this game and sorry Aspirin not included. Similar Games like Flappy Bird? Try Birdy Dong Available_GooglePlay_Button app_store_badge_en_0609     Update**  Flappy Bird is no longer available for download. Still want to play the game? Click here for an online version!

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