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Buy a Used Computer This Year

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Every single day I work on building solutions for the customers I serve. Electronics these days can fetch a hefty price on the retailer's shelf. Fortunately there is a guaranteed way to get a great deal on just about any new electronics. Many computers are scuttled for numerous reasons every year because they are outdated, broken or whatever. Most of the time there is very little if anything wrong with them and if they are brought through the right channels end up on a shelf near you for a fraction of the cost of a new one.


What makes computers unique from other pieces of hardware is that they keep their relevance for many tasks for long periods of time. A computer capable of running an operating system more than 10 years old is still able to do most common tasks that we do all the time. Picking up a computer that sells retail $800 for $400 never makes you feel bad. I don’t even feel buyer’s remorse when I get a deal that good. Wondering if the laptop has any problems? Never buy a computer without first starting it up and giving it a test run. You’ll want to put any prospective machine under a little pressure. Are you in a location where you can fire up a browser, if so navigate to YouTube and run an HD video. This will stress the computer out a touch and should tell you if the computer has a difficult time dissipating heat or has any problems with stress on the system in general. If you love to watch your TV shows in HD and don’t like lag then you might want to sign in and try it out. Last but not least check out the hard drive, theres a free little program called CrystalDiskInfo that can help you determine the operating hours of the hard drive thats inside that used computer you're looking at.


Computers rarely have issues that aren’t revealed upon a couple days of testing. Truly testing a computer from top to bottom can take time, making sure each component does what it is supposed to be able to do is of great importance. After all, isn’t owning a computer supposed to simplify your life? With the right setup and a careful eye on the specifications you can nab a great computer at a super low price. One of the reasons we offer a 6 month warranty on the laptops we sale is because of our confidence and constant mindset of providing you with solid computers. All that being said, what are you looking for in a computer. If you can give us an idea of what that is we can save you money and find the right unit for you(If cosmetics aren’t important to you then look for laptops with cosmetic blemishes, most blemishes have no effect on the computer’s hardware, although dropped laptops pose many risks). If you want to be sure you’re getting a great deal on a solid used computer come talk to us at Gadget Grave we can help you find one.

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