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My Favorite Music App’s

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Songza- This app was the first one I had experienced of its kind. You could just tell the app what you were doing and with your help it would bring on a heap of great music that fit that moment pretty well. It really is a really neat app that is easy to navigate and pretty reliable. The free version has some ads but if you’re bothered by this kind of thing you can upgrade and get the ads removed for $3.99 and access to Club Songza for extra content. As you can see the ad is pretty ugly and occasionally you will see a full page banner ad. Those little categories have sub categories and are just a few of the many different scenario based stations you can check out. It’s actually pretty spot on for me most of the time and I rarely tap the skip button! Songza

Probably the most popular and resilient related artist mix-up app out there. It’s pretty simple you type in an artist you like and Pandora finds music like that for your eclectic listening needs. I use Pandora every day at work and I generally get a nice mix of the music I want to hear. If I had more time to customize my stations they might be a little better, but I don’t. Pandora is more of a filler for me and while I like the simple set it and let it go design, I personally like a more well rounded collection and sometimes I just want to hear what I want to hear right then!

Pandora One is the upgrade for this particular app and it delivers an ad free experience as well as a desktop app that features higher sound quality than the iPhone app and an increased number of skips across the board. It cost about $3.99 a month which in my opinion is only worth it if you have time to fine tune your stations.

pandora-music-app It’s hard not to like Spotify. As a kid I always wanted to be able to just type in a song and listen to it right then.  With Spotify you can actually do just that, accessing any song, anywhere is made possible. The cost is $9.99  which isn’t too bad, but its a little hard for me to justify with my other subscriptions monthly when money is tight. The discover section shows you artist that Spotify thinks you’re going to like and most of the time its right on the money for me. It can even tell you what people around you are listening to these days. I have found that feature to be quite useful when your bored and looking for something new.  The design is great and it seems to work pretty smoothly.  You can download all those songs that you pulled up instantly if you're paying the monthly subscription up to 3,333 songs and play them offline as long as your device can hold that many. spotify

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