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Pixlr Express

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In the world of selfies, everyone is looking for easy but good photo editing programs.  With Picnik gone, people try all kinds of photo editing apps to edit their pictures.  I have come across Pixlr.  This program has three versions available online- compatible with Mac and PCs as well as two versions available for smart phones including Apple ( ).   When you go to the website, there three boxes- so you can choose the photo editing you want to try.


(desktop view)

Pixlr Editor requires skills in photo editing, as it is similar to Photoshop.  This program allows you to manipulate the photos, as you want.  There are no preset ideas to add to your photograph.  This version is not available for cell phones.

The second one is my favorite.  Pixlr Express combines preset borders, filters, effects, overlays and other ways to edit your photos.  This one is very easy and allows you to adjust everything yourself for a personal look.  I love the idea of applying the effect then adjusting it to help the photo.  It also has a collage feature.  This version is available for smart phones and is free.

Before                                After


I love the ability to take the standard possibilities and make it my own.  The Pixlr Express is easy to use and quite fun.  This is easy to use and you do not necessarily need any skills, you can play and adjust until you like the picture.

The last one is the Pixlr O-Matic.  This program has preset filters.  They are the same ones from the Piklr Express but you do not get to adjust each.  This program is simple and requires no skill.  You upload the picture, apply the filter then download.  It is simple and easy to use.

Reviews for the app are high and Cnet ranks the app as a 9.1 out of 10 ( ).   Cnet states that it is one of the best offered but does not allow a commonplace or a way to automatically upload photos to social media sites like Facebook.  AndroidPIT rated the Pixlr Express - and gave it a rating of 5 stars for being easy to use, ability to share and easy to use navigation and controls.

At the Google Play store, the app has a rating of 4.6 stars.  Most like the app and like how easy it is to use.  The app for the phone has a few bugs but when used on the computer, I have not come across any problems.

The app on your phone pulls pictures from your phone, choose a picture, edit then it saves in your gallery- under a new folder- Pixlr Express.  It is sweet and simple.

You do not download the program to your computer and this is not appealing to those without Internet at home.  When you first arrive, you pick which Pixlr you want to use.  You can edit one of your photos or select one of theirs.  It opens up and you edit your photo- it will save to the same directory so do not forget to rename the photo-so you do not override the original photo.

Download the App today

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