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My addiction is BitStrips.  The short comics are cute, funny and I love the little stories they portray.  BitStrips started on Facebook but there is a free app available for iPhone and Android phones.  Once downloaded, you can sign in either through Facebook or by email.   You “design” yourself and then begin browsing the comics available.  You may choose a friend to be in your comic with you.  If your friend does not have BitStrips yet, it’s ok.  You will be able to make their avatar for them and the friend will receive an invitation to BitStrips.


The app has been on of the top-ten list of downloaded apps since its release and many people still post the fun comics on Facebook- yes; I am one of those people.  The app has developed a new phrase.  I get “BitStriped” from friends and I have “BitStriped” friends. This app and its popularity led to ABC news to write a story on the app-  The app does contain a few bugs but many apps do as well and luckily, I have not had this problem.  Most reviews for the app are positive and the major negative to the app is the inability to be a little more creative. (

One reason I decided to review BitStrips is because they are using their popularity to help teachers in the classroom. .The program is not free but its popularity and ease of use would make it a great way for teachers to help their students learn.  In this day in age, it seems that teachers struggle with ways to compete with technology.  BitStrips combines popular apps with learning.  The site offers many package deals as well as yearly contracts.


With paid access, you are able to browse through all topics offered.  The topics range from Math, Science to social issues and even ESL.  A teacher can create their own comics, teach critical thinking skills as well as develop lesson plans.  BistStrips for Schools allows teachers to create their own virtual classroom that is private.  You can search by grade or subject.  It allows you to review work and provide feedback to each child, privately.   The website even has a blog for teachers-

Many reviews for BitStrips for Schools are positive.  This website,,  discusses the benefits for using the app in classrooms.  The writer likes the creativity and discusses the negative he sees- the limited “design” aspect of the comics.


The website Graphite rated the app for schools as a 3 out 5 for learning and teachers rated it 4 out 5 ( ).   Many pros to BitStrips for Schools is the creativity it allows for the students while doing hands-on learning for many usual “boring” or “mundane” tasks.

BitStrips is fun and I love seeing the new comics as well as everyone’s comic.  BitStrips for Schools seems like a great idea and something that schools should look into doing.  Both apps are sure to be a hit with kids- old and young.

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