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Game review: Minigore 2

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Next we have a cross platform game Minigore 2 this is available for the Android and iOS devices. The game will set you back $2.99 on the app store and free on Google Play. The reason it is free on Google is there is a small advertisement up top, it doesn’t hinder gameplay at all. Minigore is a top down shooter, that throws you in the flay as soon as you load up. The dual stick controls are easy to manipulate and fire. The graphics are excellent and the hordes of baddies are everywhere. The auto-aim function can be used but since I am a fly by the seat of my pants guy I chose to for-go that. Once you start the first stage and clear it the second stage starts up without pause. There are special zombies that are thrown in the mix at each stage to keep you on your toes.


The game is kind of weird, in that it’s kind of level-based, as far as I know there are 7 different levels to play, but it’s also based to be endless. There are many objectives to be completed for extra coins, but the ultimate goal is to kill the boss. The boss will usually comes in right at the beginning of the level, but it will come back after a while to finally take on the player again Of course, it’s all about the loot!                 


You will earn coins from killing the zombies and from completing all the mini-objectives you are tasked with and at anytime in the game you can go to the shop to upgrade, unlock weapons, characters and stages. The coins you earn and upgrades are numerous. This is good as you will most definitely need them to complete the higher levels. If you die it’s ok as you will just re-spawn and continue the battle. When you kill the boss glory is yours. I must admit I love the unyielding waves of zombies because it is a blast to play. There are even humorous catchphrases from each character which adds to the playability and arcade like gameplay.


Minigore 2: Zombies isn't just how a game should feel, it's how the genre should have evolved long ago, and those who have been itching for a mindless romp should dig in right away. This game is literally a pick-up and play, you will be thrown straight into the zombie fest and you can chose to stop whenever you want. The enemies are randomized and the mini bosses and level bosses keep things fresh. There are plenty of upgrades to buy thanks to the ridiculous amount of gold you collect throughout the game. The only drawbacks are the rates of the weapon drops. There are either an overabundance or the scarcity of weapons. This makes it harder when you drop a weapon and pick up one that you don’t need or want. While there is not a lot of depth to this game, Minigore is the perfect combination of fast pace action and cartoonish appeal to make this game a joy to play.

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