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Wii Fit U Shows Promise in Nintendo Innovation

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I recently saw a commercial for the new Wii Fit U set up and it looks amazing.It's been a while since I’ve seen the Wii Fit in action, and I have to admit the U part makes all the difference I'm impressed. The new system allows You can take benefit meter with you not only tracks your steps but also your acceleration and atmospheric pressure changes to determine your altitude throughout the day. For instance, running up steps would burn more calories than walking on a flat surface. You can then sync your fit meter to the Wii Fit U profile you created and get detailed graphical information hour by hour of your activity the calories you burn your progress in the game. You can also take this information and apply it to different famous locations around the world to conquer a FitMeter challenge. Basically a fun way to force yourself to think about exercise all the time!

The Wii console has always been different from others, the graphics aren’t phenomenal the games that aren’t made by Nintendo are sometimes lackluster. The system is designed to be fun and custom fit for you and Nintendo has accomplished becoming a staple in American gaming. I still remember when we got our first Super Nintendo. We had Mario to start out with and it was pretty awesome. You didn’t have to ask for more quarters to keep playing just like our old Atari but the graphics were very nice. Through the years and all the games, Nintendo has kept its audience captive and developed loyal fans because of their commitment to making it memorable. While they have drawn some heat over the past several years for “under-performing”, Nintendo seems to never really be focused on what the other guys are doing, they seem to only be focused on making their system better.

The new Wii Fit U is packed with technology that is cutting edge these days. If you wanted a similar product to do these functions of recording your altitude, acceleration and count your steps all while being able to sync and give you a nice graphical interface with a progress bar, you’d be looking at close to $200 for that little gadget alone. Nintendo has made the FitMeter available for $19.99. While the Wii U comes in a little higher ($299.99) than traditional Nintendo systems, the system is worth what you pay for it. The future of Nintendo probably doesn’t reside in one fitness game, but I do think it’s a great step in the right direction. If you haven’t seen the things to come on Wii U, you should definitely check out some of the new Nintendo titles coming out as well such as Mario Kart 8 which comes out this Spring.If you’re having issues with your console, bring it in and let us take a look. The service fee covers diagnostic @ $29.99 and goes towards the cost of repair!

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