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Note 3

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At a whopping 168 grams, and a massive 5.7” 1080p screen, the Galaxy Note III has to be the largest out of the family thus far. With 3GB of RAM (under 2GB available?), and 32GB (standard) of internal storage, this phone is a powerhouse running Android 4.3. Samsung has filled the Note 3 with so many pen-based gestures, you’ll be hard-pressed to use it without the S Pen. When pulling out the S-Pen you’ll first notice a gesture menu open.   Check out are Note 3 Tips and Tricks Blog Here   Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-Preview-001-box I was a little bit curious how this would be handy for the everyday Tweet, Text, or Call. But it’s definitely a handy feature for your average monkey suit business man or woman. The speaker grill on this phone was mysteriously placed on the bottom bezel, likely to make the device as thin as it is. I was let down by the performance of the loudspeaker. Music and calls sounded crystal clear, lows and highs where they should be, but it just wasn’t as loud as I’d expect from a phone so big. The camera on this device was almost constantly a let-down. Low light, great light, even taking photos inside of a light box appeared blurry with any amount of zooming. Maybe I’m just spoiled by my iPhone 5S, but a phone that cost $299 on a 2 year contract should have a stellar image sensor. The front camera was spot on, with “Beauty Face” Making selfies all look fantastic, even in low-light situations. Android 4.3 didn't seem to feature anything I haven't seen before, I'm still confused as to why it exist and isn't just a reiteration of Android 4.2. Samsung's Sense UI is as expected, the same as on the Note II. The design of the device is almost completely different, though. They ditched the organic, pebble design of the SIII days and went for the same sharp, executive design of the SVI. With a straight, ribbed bezel and flat screen on the front, and an interesting soft leather texture back plate.galaxy-note-2-vs-galaxy-s4-1   The review unit I had (black) wasn't color coordinated at all, and it actually made the device unpleasant to look at. I had a Blue-steel colored screen, with a chrome bezel and a black back plate. The actual performance of the device was quite impressive, with a score of over 35,000 on Antutu, However on Geekbench 3 my iPhone 5S outscored it several times. As any techie will tell you, though, Benchmarks don't make the device, however this phone had the speed to back those scores up. Battery life on it was unexpectedly fantastic. I had mine from Friday - Monday, and Friday afternoon I had charged it up to 100%, and was at 30% when I turned it in Monday. That's with heavy use, with at least eight hours of screen on-time.Note3-HandsOn-24-580-100     Check Out Engadgets Review Here To sum things up, The Galaxy Note 3 should have been called the Galaxy Note 2S, seeing as the only thing they really changed was the design, processor, and the camera (sadly... The Note 2 Camera was GREAT!). I can't see any reason to spend $300 ON CONTRACT to buy this device, when there's so many other great devices out that don't cost as much, and are more pocket friendly.

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