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Google Opinion Rewards

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Hi this is Frank, everyone love stuff for free. Being that type of guy, I will be reviewing free apps from the Google Play store. The app I have today is pretty awesome as that it gives you play store credits! Now who wouldn’t want that!!!

Don’t let anyone tell you that your opinion isn’t worth squat. Your opinion is pretty valuable to Google, and they will pay you for it. There are two caveats,  1.  You have to be in the US and 2. You will be paid in Google credits. When it comes to credits for digital content on the play store, I for one can be happy with that. You can spend it on apps, games, music, books, magazines, and videos.



You will initially need to give details including your age, sex, and location in a easy quick survey and then you will do a couple of sample surveys. Once this is done a survey that offers Google Play credit will be available and you should see it or receive notification from Google. Some surveys don’t offer any credits and are also available that you can opt to take part in You’ll only have a certain amount of time to complete any of the surveys though, so keep that in mind.

More information on Google Opinion Rewards here!

The application comes from the Google Consumer Survey group so the surveys center around product usage and shopping habits. I even had one that asked if I like golf! They can be anything though logos, or vacationing surveys anything goes. Once a survey is ready a notification will pop up in your taskbar roughly once a week. There are no right or wrong answers here. It is nothing too taxing, and usually takes about a minute or two of your time, and most definitely an easy way to pay for that .99-cent app or book you have been wanting. Google does not specify how much you will get paid or the amount of questions you will answer, but I have found out and found the process is fairly quick and easy. So far the max I had got was 1 dollar! Easy peasy.


Also your answers will be anonymous, but you will still have to provide a Google wallet account in order to collect your cash. The first survey tests whether or not you are eligible to take part in the program and typical Google fashion it’s not meant to taken seriously. Heck even one or more of the questions might even give you a sense of deja vu.  So if you are looking to pick up a few credits to spend on an app or two when you have free time. Click the link below to get the app and is compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or later, so why not check it out. I have posted some screen-shots below to get a gander of the interface, simple but effective for sure.  If you have any Android questions feel free to contact me at

  Get the App: Available_GooglePlay_Button

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