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Traveling with Technology

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There’s a ton of things that I try to remember to take with me when I travel with technology, my pillow, extra socks, phone charger and so on. I have tried to compile a list of nifty things that  might not be on your list of things to pack, but should be…


Surge Protector- I know it doesn’t seem like it’s essential, but if you’re like me and travel with a few gadgets you never know what the outlet situation is going to be. When you’re away you might not think about charging your laptop, phone, tablet or even electric razor but its going to come up. Too much to pack? Check out this travel surge protector for 20 bucks! It eve

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Window Mounted Universal Phone Holder- These things are great!  If you use your phone for GPS, watching movies in the passenger seat or pretty much anything while moving down the road one of these will help you tremendously. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get one either. There are cheaper models out there but this is the one I use and it’s lasted for two years. You can also stick the suction cup to the outside of windows to get great timed camera shots with you’re traveling buddies without that punk you don’t know taking off with your phone.

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Power Inverter- If traveling by car this is a must have to charge your AC only devices, mostly your wonderful laptop! Why would you take your laptop on a trip when you’re smartphone does just about everything? Trust me if your trip is over one night you will get sick and tired of watching Netflix on your phone. I often have the opportunity to ride rather than drive so I can tether my phone and work efficiently on my laptop because of a power inverter. Whistler makes a nice one that’s relatively inexpensive coming in under $25


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I can tell you from experience that if you work on the road or make a yearly road trip there is no substitute to having your laptop on board. Traveling with technology doesn't have to be hard though. Really there are about 30 things I could mention that can make a trip easier and really not take up much space. We seriously took a third of our pictures on vacation this year with our nifty little window suction cup phone holder thing. Simple things like these can make your device that much more useful. Yelp! can find you the best places to slip into local life while saving you time and money, the reviews are golden for finding what you need fast. The app is free and you can sign up free as well at

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