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Android Mania

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With all the new phones coming out, which one should you choose?  With all the choices one can have a hard time deciding. I thought when the Moto X was released, that it was the phone for me.  It has some great features- completely customizable, you can increase internal storage to 32 gigabytes, and a decent camera at 10 MP.  It is a bit small compared to other phones but it is rated high- between four and five stars. A BIG downside is no external storage and if you use a lot of apps, then you will need to buy the 32-gigabyte version. Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.51.38 PM Then there is the LG G2.  This phone has an amazing design but the back buttons are different.   The back button did throw me off at first but while using this button- when you need to increase or decrease the call volume- it really is easier than traditional side buttons.  The reviews are mixed with this phone but most agree it is a great phone.  The camera pictures are good at 13 MP and videos in 1080p HD. The main issue with the phone is no external storage and getting use to the buttons being on the back of the phone. . If available, purchasing the 32-gigabyte internal storage phone is the better option. If that is not enough, there are two more contenders. Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.51.46 PM First, there is the HTC One M8.  This phone has a sleek design, fast processor and comes in either 16 or 32 gigabytes.  The phone has amazing sound and cool features like Ufocus- which allows you to focus after the picture has been snapped, photo filters and “seasons” which add drama to your photos.  The back camera is only 4 megapixels but the front camera is 5 megapixels.  The phone is a great gem and worth a look if you are in the market for a new phone. As always, Samsung has added a great phone to its lineup.  The phone is the Galaxy S5.  This phone is quite fast, comes with up to 32 gigabytes of internal storage PLUS a microSD card slot that will support 128 gigabytes.  The camera is 16 megapixels and the video is 4k- which is better than 1080p. But there is a downside, the S5 misses points with critics for its design.   If you need a lot of storage or a great camera then the Galaxy S5 is the phone for you.   If you want a phone that is completely customizable THEN the Moto X is your phone.  Even though the back camera is not the best HTC does boost a 5-megapixel front facing camera- great for all those selfies and the extra photo software is an added bonus.    The G2 is a great phone and would be good for those who can adapt to the back buttons. Always choose phones based on what you want in the phone.  It is ok to look at reviews, check around, go to stores and test devices (listen to the sales people) but overall always choose a phone that fits your needs, wants and one that you love.

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