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New Phones

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Two New Phones worth a 2nd glance and their contribution to the next wave of smartphones. sandisk-128gbmicrosd For several years, smartphones have increased in popularity.  With their fragility, these phones tend to break easily- especially the iPhones and almost all screens (unless you own a Casio or other indestructible phones.  Phones are trending to be better for its users and more durable. First- Sony is introducing an amazing new rendition of Xperia – called the Xperia Z2.  This phone is water and dust resistant.  Their website boosts that the phone is life proof and shows the phone falling into water- which it can go up to one meter of water for about 30 minutes (You MUST make sure all the port covers are secure!).  The phone’s screen is only 5.2 inches and it weighs less than 6 ounces.  It is thin and sleek.  You can use up to a 128 gigabyte micro SD card  and it has the highest amount of RAM in smartphones- three gigabytes of RAM (the Note 3 has 3 gigabytes of RAM but most Android devices have 2 -- Apple is 1-- camera is not too shabby either, boosting 20.7 megapixels and image stabilization.  The video quality is said to be four times the pixels of HD and twice the resolution.  There is a “Timeshift mode” that allows a person to “shoot 120 frames per second then select individual scenes to slow playback” The Sony Xperia Z2 is following the same ideals of its competitors.  Owning Sony products- you will see an increased similarity between each device as well as NFC tags and other products that will connect to your phone. This phone will be released sometime in May- being pushed back due to not meeting stock standards and the amount of preorders.  Pricing has yet to be released.  If this phone lives up to its hype THEN it will be a great phone. The rumors floating about the iPhone 6 boosts its nearly indestructible body.  Using Liquidmetal to make most of its interior- the substance is used currently as a layer around the metal parts of the iPhone 5S.  If the rumors are true about the Sapphire glass- then the screen of the iPhone 6 will be nearly indestructible.  The Apple iPhone 6 is set to release sometime this year. iphone61 You can see the Sapphire glass in action here   Both phones will having amazing points and will revolutionize the smartphone arena. With the phones becoming “indestructible” people need to remember that no matter how indestructible these phones are becoming there will always be vulnerability to the phones.  The phones made to withstand water- require the owners to double and triple check the ports to ensure proper protection.  Nearly indestructible screens are just digitizers and the LCDs could still become damaged from falls.  I would not suggest testing your phones indestructibility as things happen and even the most indestructible phones finally break.  I cannot wait to see what the world of cellphones holds for consumers. Of course as electronics break, there will always be GadgetGrave to repair your devices.

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