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Back up what, you ask.  Back up anything important that you do not want to lose.  When it comes to your phone, you should back up your contacts, videos, pictures and other information you find important and need.  Backing up is simple and but could take time. I know you do not believe that it is important to back up your stuff, because you take care of your phone, ect; BUT lately people have questioned how to recover pictures and other data on devices that are no longer functioning..  Accidents happen daily and it is heartbreaking to lose pictures and other information.  How many numbers do you have memorized?  Where is little Johnny’s first homerun picture?  On your phone?  What will happen if you drop your phone in your pool?  What if your phone just quits working?  Backing up saves you from trying everything under the moon to retrieve data- that in many cases is unrecoverable. Below are some simple ways to backup valuable information.  These ways could take time but to know your important information is always retrievable, that is worth the time. With Android, there are several different ways to back up your information.  First, you can change your settings so all your pictures are saved to an SD card.   The card is great extra storage and it is removable- so if the phone crashes- then your pictures and other items are on your SD card transfer to your new device or to your computer. Also, you can connect your Android device to your computer and backup your items.  You have to connect as USB storage- then move your pictures and other items over to your computer.  Just as you would a jump drive; if you use a MAC, then you need to download Android File Transfer to connect to your computer. Another way is to use your backup services offered by your carrier, Verizon offers “  cloud storage,”  which is free up to five gigabytes.   CNET_Cloud_Storage_roundup_610x404 A few other cloud storage clients! AT&T offers a similar service for certain customers called AT&T Locker .  You have to be a AT&T Mobile Share Value Customer and you receive 50 gigabytes free. You can back up your contacts to your Gmail account as well as use Google Drive to store pictures and other important data.  SMS and call logs require an app.  Many are offered free through Google Play Store and these will backup any information you want.  One I like G Cloud Apple does seem to have an advantage over Android when it comes to backing up your stuff.  You just need to backup to iCloud or connect your phone to your computer and back up through iTunes.  This great feature allows individuals to back up everything regularly and they do not have to worry about what happens when their phone quits.  Also, iCloud allows you to track your phone if it is lost or stolen. A great way to backup your computer is use an online “cloud service.”  Google drive is free up to 15 gigabytes and you can add 10 extra by adding your smartphone- you have to download an app that is free. .bigstock-Cloud-Computing-29952392 Do not hesitate and back up your information.  You never know when it could be lost forever.

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