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The game of LIFE

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I must say I usually don’t buy apps but this one I did. I remember this game from when I was a kid and thought it was fun. Everyone has at one point played this as a board game. Remember the plastic scenery and that spinner!! The decisions of being an adult, getting a career, going to college, getting married and having children even retirement. Well it is the same here. Everything I remember from the board game is here. You must take a path (fork in the road), and choose if you want a career, or go to college. Over the years the game has changed, going from cash to the current version which award life points. This is a joint effort between Hasbro and EA and I must say the graphics are absolutely outstanding! The 3D animations are pleasing to the eye and are actually pretty cool when moving around the board. You choose your cards at various parts of the game and more than a couple of times made my wife mad from taking half her inheritance. And the spinner the most iconic part of the game is true to the original.
To get a good spin you will have to spin it like a rotary phone, kind of annoying but it does work. Spin the spinner, and the app takes care of the rest, moving what looks like a minivan around the board. Every once in a while the app pops up saying you owe money, receive money and the amount you owe the other player. Every once in a while you will have to make a decision for instance, do you want to be a doctor or a mechanic?
My biggest gripe is you are basically along for the ride. You also have to sit and wait your turn and sit through the other players turn. The saving grace is you have the option to speed up the animations and skip the computer players  whole turn. Also when you are playing multiple players up to 4 you do have to pass the device around, not a big deal but still. But with all the drawbacks this is a fun gave to pass the time. My wife and I along with my 7-year-old son played a few round and he was excited when he got married and had kids. Even though this game was actually meant for kids I found it enjoyable.
In conclusion there could be some tweaks made to the game to make it more interesting and work across more platforms. This is available on the IOS devices and I do believe it is not compatible with android tablets. Since I don’t have a tablet I was unable to test it there. So if you are trying to pass the time by yourself or with the kids say at a Doctors office. That this is great to keep everyone entertained. Screen shots and a market link are below, and at only .99 cents well worth it. (for me anyway).

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