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Have you heard of  This program is a great place to store all your photos.   Snapfish is just a photo storage center, but a place with simple editing tools as well as a store.  Snapfish offers printing through their website or you may send to Walgreens, Wal-Mart and other stores within your town.  You can print all different sizes, books, blankets and other items.  Also, you can ship your items to different locations- to friends and family as gifts. Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 2.31.38 PM When you first sign up, you receive free items plus Snapfish offers promotions all the time.   Snapfish offers unlimited online photo sharing and storage, professional=quality prints and gifts, free uploading from your mobile device and other services free. You sign up through an email address.  When you first log in, the site opens into a welcome page.  This page contains your recent albums on left and on the right, there is a yellow box that lists Upload photos & Videos, order prints, shop, share and mobile apps.  The site is relatively easy to maneuver. Another great thing is that your information is private unlike other sites, where your pictures are shared with others.  I use mine for personal and business reasons.  I can send and pay for pictures and I can pick up pictures at the One-hour studio at Wal-Mart or Walgreens. The editing offered by the site, is simple and easy to use but does not offer complex editing options as other sites.  I suggest you use your favorite editing software- then upload the pictures. Your pictures are organized by date.  When you upload, you can name each album or leave the date uploaded as the album name.  The picture quality is amazing and I encourage all my friends to use Snapfish. snapfish-1 PC Magazine stated that Snapfish had great editing tools when it comes to creating personalized cards, calendars and other custom products but sometimes the work did not look as good as other sites.  The review talked about Snapfish’s final product,  I have not had this issue but I usually order and pick up my stuff from Wal-Mart.,2817,1859065,00.asp Top Ten Reviews rated Snapfish as 10 out of 10.  Pros being an easy app and site and a con being that pricing changes depending on store you pick up your photos from or due to the fee charged for shipping.,2817,1859065,00.asp A blogger and photographer reviewed Snapfish with three other sites similar to Snapfish.  According to her blog, more people voted for Snapfish then the other 3 places- stating clearer pictures.  Check it out here! The reviews are good with their quality differing in the reviews.  I have used Snapfish for all my storage and to send, share and print pictures.  I have had a free collage sent to my house that was a great photo and I was complete satisfied with the results.  I also send a lot of my pictures to Wal-Mart to be printed.  It is an easy way to get prints quickly. I suggest trying Snapfish.    You can use it to back up your photos on your smartphones and pictures stored on your computer.   I wish Snapfish would have existed about 10 years ago- as I did lose many memories due to a hard-drive crash.  I have searched long and hard and use Snapfish for my personal photos and have set my photography clients up an account for quick, safe and secure access to their pictures.  

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