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According to several major news outlets, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to individuals from using Internet Explorer.  Also NBC and PC World   no-internet-explore Why?  Apparently there is a major vulnerability that has been discovered. This weakness allows hackers to obtain all access to your computer.  There is a remote code execution- dubbed- CVE-2014-1776 that allows hackers to gain the same access to the computer as the owner of the computer. Microsoft is scrabbling to fix the issue but it has yet to be resolved and users should download another browser until the security hole is fixed. This weakness is one of the reasons I do not use Internet Explorer – that and all the pop-ups and spyware that infect a computer. google There are several viable choices for browsers.  Chrome is one of the top browsers.  Since it debuted in 2008.  It is fast and can be ran on most systems- including Windows XP and Vista, which Microsoft no longer supports (causing a person to use an older slower version.)  Flash is part of the design and requires no extra downloads as well as plug ins are “click-to-play.” Another great feature of Chrome is the interaction between Google and the browser is cool.  I can sign into my Google account and Chrome can load up all my bookmarks on any computer, it remembers sites I frequent on a new tab I open.  It is more secure and you can download an ad-blocker that works very well (no commercials while using Pandora!).  The browser pops up a red display- meaning something is not right here – when you visit pages that are not safe and does a good job with phishing site blocking. This browser is free and available for most Apple products, Windows and Android devices.  I recommend this browser- especially if you use Google. Another choice is Firefox.  This browser has remained a steadfast choice among computer users.  The browser is fast and looks great.  Firefox offers Web audio support and still remains the most customizable browser available.  Firefox offers “’Panorama’ tab organizer” that organizes all those open tabs in an easier view.  Battle of the Browsers Firefox has always been a leader and introduced a DO Not Track system.  You have three choices- “Do Not Track, Track, and Don’t tell).  This browser is still the second best in market. Firefox is available for almost all Apple and Microsoft products as well as Android and I still use this browser. Opera 20 is another free browser.  This browser offers a sleek, minimal design.  The browser is fast and is compatible.  The browser is considered on of the most innovative browsers and it uses the Chrome interface.  Opera offers plenty of malware, and other warnings built into the page to help keep you secure.  Opera is one of the safest browsers says PC Mag. While Microsoft Internet Explorer is having a major security breach- do not panic, there are other choices- other options.  It is good to switch up your browsers; all are relatively easy and a lot like Internet Explorer.  If you do not like using another browser, you can switch back when the security is fixed.

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