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The Worst Feeling

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Those of us who have children have probably thought about the incredibly scary possibility of a missing or hurt child. These days when children get separated from their parents they can usually send a text and find Mom or Dad, but its better to be safe than sorry and cell phones are not always the best idea for very young children. I wanted to bring to light some of the recent tech that is improving the way we monitor our childrens safety today.


I am about to welcome my second child into the world and we are in a mad dash preparing every little detail for the new addition to our family. It’s nice to have access to a plethora of medical care information for babies! Check out the app Baby MedBasics app which has a number of life saving tips and walkthroughs that are priceless! Quick access to all things baby is a steal at 2.99. The worst feeling is that something will go wrong and you won’t have a plan.This is a great way to ensure that you stay informed on your baby or small child’s health needs.


For those of you with teen drivers the Canary app can offer you a little peace of mind while they are out on the road. Canary alerts you when your teen is driving over 12 mph detailing speeds, locations, calls and texts. This will allow many parents to monitor their teens driving habits and dangerous cell phone usage while moving down the road. The app is actually incredibly easy to use and its free! This is by far one of the most robust driving apps I’ve seen for a simple smartphone tracking app. Many auto insurers have similar programs for tracking your teens driving and phone usage but few are this easy to setup! 


Amber Alert GPS is a small device that your child can carry with them that tracks their exact location as well as allows two way communication between a primary contact (Mom or Dad) and the child in need. It is discreet enough to be hidden from sight if your child were threatened and not able to talk on the phone. This handy little device allows more freedom for your child in a world of uncertainty. The Amber Alert GPS is powered by the AT&T network but it can be used on any smartphone running Android or iOS with any carrier. Simply download the app and connect to the device.



There are several ways to safeguard your computer to prevent your family from being exploited or exposed to inappropriate websites. Numerous programs empower you to control what your young children see online, and most of them are inexpensive. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you do that, bring yourself and your computer into Gadget Grave. We can customize a security solution that works for your family. Our optimization package starts at $64.99.  

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