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Why I’m Excited About iOS 8

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Why I'm excited about iOS 8, Apple’s new iOS is packed with features that make the phone undeniably better along with all other devices taking the update. Listening to the consumer pays off if you’re looking for loyalty these days and this update proves that Apple is still capable of it. Each new feature listed below is a fantastic evolution of its predecessor. The messaging app, photos and even the keyboard have changed into something much better. Here are some of the key points that I thought were great.


The messaging app has been boring for quite some time and has slowly evolved into useful. iOS 8 brings new features to messaging that make it one of the coolest parts of the phone. To start with, you can now send sound clips via messaging in a push-to-talk style button interface. Easily add multiple pictures or videos to one message and record video or take shots within the messaging app. The long awaited quick reply has arrived as well, allowing you to reply from the small notification while remaining in another app which is probably my favorite of the major changes. Nightmare group messages can now be a thing of the past. Edit the recipients of a group message on-the-fly to avoid blasting friends while they are working!


Photos are getting better and finally so is the storage plan. Since my very first iPhone I have been in constant need of more space for photos. I’m sure you’ve read our blog about how to get free online cloud storage to keep your iPhone’s precious pictures backed up, but it would be nice if your phone just sort of took care of that for you. I would pay a little extra a month to ensure that my iPhone wouldn’t lose my pictures no matter what happened. Imagine being able to pull up pictures or videos from years previous and post them straight to a facebook conversation, without wasting precious storage on your phone. Another great feature added is the ability to search your photo library for events, places, people etc… The keyboard is an impressive upgrade from its stagnant predecessor. The keyboard now gives you three suggested words or group of words that it thinks you might say next. Imagine that as you type to your buddies your phone finishes your sentences for you. How does it know? It analyzes not only what you say and how you say it, but who you say it to and provides suggestions based on its findings. The “QuickType” keyboard also knows what the conversation is about and gives you auto-reply standard answers like yes or no questions. Apple assures that your conversations remain private and stored only on your devices. Also the keyboard is now open to third party alternatives such as swype! features-ios-8-gadget-grave-fort-smith-arkansas

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