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Bleeding Edge Car Tech

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  Technology in cars is always a hard balance to maintain. The tech in your car must be seamless with its operation in order to inform the driver without distracting. There are many applications coming in the near future that may change the way we connect in our vehicles. Some of the challenges are obviously the distraction factor, ill timed failures or inaccurate information and just plain old scary malfunctioning electronics. One of the technologies in this blog could be a catastrophic fail if it somehow malfunctioned but all in all it is a life saving step forward. Life should be made easier by technology in our vehicles and quite a few new ideas indicate automotive manufacturers are catching on.


The internet is everywhere and soon it will be seamlessly part of your vehicle. The connectivity as of yet has been limited for people wishing to connect in their vehicles. The biggest hurdle lies in trying to connect a device that wasn’t designed by the car company because of the lack of capable stock electronics. GM is one of the most recent companies to step up to the plate in the manufacturing of cutting edge internet connectivity. Their new car lineup will feature 4g internet connectivity inside the car with the ability to navigate the roadways with voice command gps and quest for new music on pandora or apps like it. Imagine if you will a car gps that actually does what you ask it to!


Perhaps the most impressive of all the new car tech are the cars that don't use gas. Everyone should agree, paying for gas really sucks! Tesla is a car company that is pioneering all-electric automobiles and growing by the minute. The CEO Elon Musk hopes to soon mass produce electric cars affordable to the common consumer. The idea of a vehicle that runs on electricity that’s also affordable to the common man, coupled with the ability to charge it from your solar driveway (look at our other blog about solar roadways) free forever, sounds like a great goal to me. Gas prices have soared and continue to steadily rise and for what? What are we really gaining continuing to research the use of something that’s so difficult to obtain? Solar energy blankets are earth every day in abundance just waiting to be harnessed. These electric vehicles may well shape the future of the auto industry. 

Electric cars that don’t cost anything to operate sound great, but how do you feel about your car driving itself? Google is moving to offer that option soon. State of the art laser sensors coupled with unprecedented gps tracking and traffic monitoring software, will get you from point A to point B in complete safety in a Google self driven car. Think about a world without the possibility of human error on major roadways. Parking lots would be a thing of the past, cars would move in courteous order at an appropriate speed, maximizing the efficiency of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers. While this concept is an amazing one, I’m thinking I would miss driving myself occasionally as well. If you need advice on how to make your life easier with tech, even in your car, give us a call or come by we solve problems.

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