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100GB of Safe Online Storage Free

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Online storage is the smart solution for backing up those precious files we all accumulate. The problem is, very few of us want to pay additional amounts of money every month to maintain online storage. There are ways to get around paying for online storage and thats what this blog is going to uncover! I have searched high and low to find you 100GB of the best online storage for free, zero dollars. Scattered below are brief descriptions of each online file storage solution along with their capacity and ease of use. With a little bit of elbow grease you can easily squeeze over 100GB of free online storage!

Google drive is by far the easiest and first on my list to sign up for. Do you have a Gmail account, if so then you already have access to the wonderful tool. Google drive offers you 15GB of online storage, free of charge. Thats an incredible chunk of storage for just signing up, and it comes with a state of the art document suite thats astonishingly easy to use! Your data is safe from the elements on your Google drive


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Microsoft is next on the list offering 10GB free just for signing up and downloading the app on your mobile device or syncing with a mac or pc. You also get up to 5GB (½ GB per person) for referrals that you might bring to onedrive. This is a nifty place that also allows you to use a slimmed down version of office online similar to that of Google drive, where your work saves automatically into your cloud.


30 of 100 (w/referrals) is a site that offers 10GB of free online storage right off the bat. It has a desktop sync and mobile app that you can get for iOS or Android. Box doesn’t have the flashy referral bonuses that dropbox does but it offers discounted storage solutions that can save you a bundle! For the launch of their app they actually offered 50GB of lifetime storage that I myself cashed in on.

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Dropbox is perhaps one of the easiest online storage solutions to gain extra storage with. You do start off with a measly 2GB of storage but you can refer your way quickly up to 16 extra GB of storage totaling 18GB of free online storage. This is done relatively easy if you have a lot of friends who could benefit from a little extra storage!

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MediaFire is a perfect place to store your stuff that offers a whopping 10GB of space up front! You do have to download a desktop app that runs and syncs but its convenient, barring any heavy system usage, to have these drives readily available on your desktop.

68 of 100 offers you 50GB free online storage and has a 100% repuation on This is an incredible amount of space for free and you should check it out!

118 of 100 (WoooHoo!)

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Here are a few that offer small amounts of free storage if you are willing to take the time!

  • Mozy Online Storage-2GB free (You have to download a storage manager)

  • Amazon Cloud Drive-5GB free

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Ask us how pairing an SSD upgrade with online cloud storage can greatly enhance your outdated computer (10X Faster) for a fraction of the cost of a new one!

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