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Old MacDonald Bought a Drone!

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Drone technology is certainly one of the more exciting tech frontiers that lies ahead of us in the immediate future. Excitement and terror are the two general emotions that a UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle incite. Soon our online orders may be delivered to our homes in a matter of hours, or even pizza delivered not by a human rushing through traffic, but by a small drone with GPS coordinates programmed. The scary stuff comes in the form of spying and other potentially unsavory activities that can be conducted such as stalking someone without the hope of them even acknowledging it. Nevertheless we will likely continue work with these devices and this new tool has farmers across the nation excited.


To get a flight over your land with professional imagery taken manually it would cost you on average about $1000 per hr. A farmer can now purchase a fully functional drone for $2000 and create detailed maps of his/her land allowing them to see things like irrigation problems to fungal growth that wouldn’t be visible from the ground. The drones can be used to dissect the crops growth pattern hour by hour and day after day to spot trouble spots earlier. UAVs are readily equipped with airborne cameras that record multispectral images which means infrared and what we can see, for a unique look at the health of each section of vegetation. This sort of thing just 5 years ago would have cost a farmer a fortune; now its a relatively cheap option that could help farmers get an edge up on the ever growing demand for food. 


While drones are under constant scrutiny in the public eye for privacy issues and dangerous crash possibilities, rural farms do not have these issues. The ability to survey the changing topography of cropland is a supreme advantage to have. Farmers are now able to take a small investment and yield huge results that save time and quite a lot of money as well. Even if farmers are reluctant to purchase their own equipment, hiring a drone firm will be a highly appealing and affordable option for many. The applications around the farm are limitless, check on your livestock or do a quick overview at night to check on the fields or watch for predators invading the chicken coup! In all seriousness, the development and use of this relatively new tool is going to be big for agriculture. Drones will have many business ventures when the legislation that allows it comes along, this is undeniably one of the most useful private ventures I have seen to date. 


Technology is progressing at an incredibly fast rate and while many ventures have been feared, I don’t know anyone who’s opposed to more efficient farming. The fear of technology may come from a deep seeded fear of things we don’t fully understand running our lives. Technology is simply the fruit of the pursuit of a better life. While the pictures you had to shake (well, thought you did) are a part of our nostalgia, we love our smartphones ability to nail that perfect shot after 13 tries in 13 seconds. Life should be enriched by the tech we use, not controlled by it. Come see how we can simplify your life and streamline your tech! Optimization packages for your computer start at $64.99.

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