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Free Programs That Actually Speed Up Your Computer

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You’ve seen the commercial on TV announcing with great urgency that your computers speed issues are due to thousands of errors in your computers software that need fixing. Consequently enough the software advertised is capable of removing all these errors and speeding your computer up “like it was new again”. What was so good about our computer when it was new, why do they get slower over time, and is there anything I can do to stop it?


The (sort of) great thing about your computer when its new from the factory is that it seems quick, responsive and reliable. With internet access, this feeling of euphoria can fade quickly. Temp files stack up like invisible mountains slowly eroding your hard drive space and robbing precious system resources. Temp File Cleaner at is an excellent resource for clearing out your junk temp files. I do recommend using caution at BleepingComputer, this site does have some tools that if you don’t know what you're doing can cause you to have a bad day.

The reason for the parenthetical “sort of” above, is that new computers generally come with a bunch of “crap” on them that can annoy you. Your computer will no doubt accumulate this “crap” when you use it on the internet, this is a fact of life. offers a solution to remove multiple programs at a time from your computer. If your having a hard time deciding whether or not to keep the program simply click the help link and you’ll receive global removal statistics for that program. This program will help keep your computer free of junkware and other annoyance-ware! CCleaner_re-review_05large

CCleaner is a great program that cleans quite a lot of junk that accumulates on your computer. The registry repair tool also removes annoying and potentially dangerous registry errors that pop up when you boot Windows. A clean registry, browser and even recycle bin amount to a clean computer. Just like performance robbing gunk builds up in your oil, junk files build up and gum up the works for many computers. Simply running this program can solve many issues you might have in browsers.  



ADWCleaner is possibly one of the most potent and more scary of any of these programs. From the first click you”ll experience a brilliantly designed systematic and highly targeted shutdown and scrub of your browsers. If your having issues with search engines yielding batty results or talking ads everywhere or just plain bad browsing experiences try this program out. The results are incredible and after a two click scan process the system restarts and your browsers are powerful once again.


Ultra Defrag is an excellent program that thoroughly scans your hard drive to ensure optimal performance. For those of us still using mechanical hard drives this is an excellent program to run every four months or so as well.

We use all of these programs on the daily and they are just a small part of our arsenal! Come see what real computer repair and optimization can be!

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