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Window XP end of an ERA

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Window XP end of an ERA and what effect it will have on end users.

  Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer News Conference At New Store Opening

I have worked in the technology field for quite a few years I have seen Windows XP slowly get pushed to the back burner. Well the time has come that Microsoft has put the Old Horse to pasture. Since XP is no longer supported what does that mean for us and the corporate world? Well let me tell you it is not good and you will be forced to change. But change is good! So let’s go over what scenarios that will happen if you decide to stick to Windows XP and options that you can take if you have programs that use XP.


Here we go, support ended on April 8th, D-Day if you will, this will leave a big Window (no pun intended) open to viruses and Malware. The security patches that get released on patch Tuesdays will no longer roll out. What does that mean for you? Personal information can be mined. I don’t mean to get all scary but this is true. ANY security hole that is found after the 9th will be exploited. That hole will give hackers a one way ticket to any information they want. You might say I have antivirus software I am protected. Well yes you are for now. But the support will run out after time also. Why would anti-virus companies support an outdated OS that isn’t supported anymore, they won’t. I have tried to use Microsoft Security essentials which is a lightweight antivirus, I prompted me that it is no longer supported for this version of Windows. Yes there are others that will support it until you migrate to another windows but you will have to upgrade anyway.  Next are my recommendations that you should look over and consider.

windows1There are many flavors of Windows that currently available to upgrade to. Well Upgrade is said lightly here. You cannot upgrade per say. The next version of windows will have to be a custom full wipe install. I do not know why windows did that but it is what it is. There are instances where you can upgrade but few and far between. First there is Vista. The support for that will end also but try to stay away from it. I would recommend windows 7 or Windows 8. First Microsoft is making it harder to get ahold of windows Vista and Windows 7. Yes we can get these but 7 is way easier and the support will be around for some time. I have ran Vista and 7 on the same machine for testing purposes and found Windows 7 to actually perform way better than Vista. I guess it is the way Vista manages memory that actually slows it down. In my opinion there are some nice machines out there that are inexpensive with the newest windows. Consider this, it is time to get that old machine out of the house. At Gadget grave we have anything you want and at a low cost. We also offer 180 day warranty and our custom antivirus/Malware package to keep you safe.


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