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Is Your Laptop Worth Fixing?

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There are not many cases in which a laptop simply cannot be repaired; but numerous cases where it is simply not economically justifiable to do so. Age is a major determining factor, as well as what the actual problem is and what the computer is used for. If the computer has sentimental value then a board replacement might be warranted even if the repair is more costly than a replacement. For the average everyday computers though there is a pretty clear line that we draw as technicians to save you money. We evaluate each repair with the same techniques to determine what the best approach is to get you computing again. The goal is not simply to revive your electronics but to get you in the right ones.


Some computers are money pits plain and simple. The quickest way to tell if your in too deep with your laptops repair expenses is to determine whether or not a comparable if not better replacement laptop would be less expensive. I hear the phrase “I paid $800 for that thing 5 years ago!” quite a lot, and trust me its unsettling to us too; but it’s also a good thing! We are now able to get faster, better machines for a fraction of the cost of yesterday. It’s hard to put old faithful out of service, but if its costing you more than $200 and its more than 4 years old it’s time to move to better things. This is only our first evaluation technique and its the most solid one we have.


Multiple repairs are another sticky situation when it comes to getting economy computers up and going. When I say “economy computer” I mean the ones that most of us are interested in buying, inexpensive! These cheaply made but surprisingly solid machines make up about 75% of the laptops we repair. Multiple repairs are exactly what they sound like, your laptop has multiple things wrong with it. For instance, lets say your cat decided to run full speed through the house pulling your laptop, via that invisible cord directly in his path, off the safe surface it once resided and onto a gravity induced catastrophe! Your charge port is broken as well as the LCD (or the screen) and possibly more. A charge port alone is not a huge issue, and an LCD is certainly an economical repair; but together they can sometimes make the repair of your laptop not feasible especially if board damage was incurred as well.


The most precious part of your laptop is not the LCD or the charge port or even the motherboard. For now, it’s the only vital component in your laptop that is likely still mechanical, your hard drive. The hard drive houses all those irreplaceable pictures, documents, resumes and much of your life. Soon this will probably not be the case but for now these drives are fragile. A small bump while they are running is enough to cause major issues. Many computers come loaded from the factory with shock sensing accelerometers that park the fragile mechanical heads inside the hard drive in anticipation of a fall. While this is semi-effective it’s not match for a solid fall. How can you protect your data no matter what type of dropkick you administer to your laptop? Get an SSD… We can promise you’ll love the speed as well as the reliability and it doesn’t cost any more than what a normal HDD would if your willing to get creative with your storage. Come see us and check out your options!  

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