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Websites to Beat the Blues

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Bad stuff happens quite a bit, it’s pretty much just a fact of life. How we let it affect us can shape our entire lives. I have searched the internets high and low and found some pretty hilarious and helpful sites that might actually help your mood no matter what day you’re having. A few are pretty classic slapstick but some are downright soothing to the soul. Check out a few of my favorite sites for inspiration.

I am currently the Dad of one and soon to be two little girls. I know how to use technology to my advantage to effectively distract and entertain my little girl for short periods of time. All it takes is a video of cute animals to tide her over if we need a break from the constant running back and forth chasing after her. So I reveal to you the secret weapon that is, Cute Roulette. A enormous collection of the cutest videos on the internet that are sure to brighten your day right up!

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Next on the list is one of my absolute favorites for an all around bad day, its called 1000 Awesome Things. The name is self explanatory, each item has a nice long description detailing different aspects that make life so freakin awesome! If you are in need of a mood changer, this site is equipped for the job. I found this site recently and it has quickly become one of my absolute favorites to visit. Many of the little factoids are simply funny human quirks but some are actually a little deep!

Obviously “the nicest place on the internet” makes the list and if you haven't heard of this one it’s worth a look. This site is a wee bit corny (or creepy) for me but I’m sure it would make just about anybody going through a tough time feel better. Basically it’s a big collection of people saying or doing nice things towards at you like hugging you or blowing a kiss or a wink or just a short word of encouragement even. Everybody needs a little love once in awhile.

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Another one of my favorites is Blah Therapy, a site devoted to venting your stresses or listening and advising people if you’d like. It’s completely anonymous and gloriously relieving, although I don’t know if I’d go to wild with it. You’ll be surprised how readily available people who want to listen to your problems are. It’s actually a very strange thing to think about and this site is a revolutionary way of linking those people in complete anonymity to you. You can literally talk about whatever you want or listen to whoever you want’s problems and try to help them out as well. It is truly a feel-good site.

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There are plenty of reasons to feel good about technology these days. The above sites are just a few of the many places you can get a little free inspiration throughout your day. Give them a try and let us know if we can take the stress out of your day with our Gizmo Shield protection package starting at $129.99.

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