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Plants vs. Zombies 2

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I started playing Plants vs. Zombies to just relax my mind but realized this game takes some brainpower.  If you have played the game- here are a few details.  Your purpose is to plant different plants.  These plants attack using different types of weapons - with a few “barrier” plants.  I wish it was as easy as planting the plants, growing them and they attack but no.  When you first begin the game- you have to plant sunflowers- these increase “sun” production and you collect the suns (they work as money) in order to buy the plants to defend your “house” from the zombie attack.  Each level gets harder- requiring strategic planning- this game works your brain a little; it can be fun and frustrating all at once. gadget-grave-plants-vs-zombies-2The sequel holds the same charm but the style is slightly different.  Instead of defeating zombies with increased strength and complex, the sequel offers different challenges that must happen- such as protecting “endangered plants” or defeating zombies with plants given to you.   ( The characters and worlds have increased in difficulty.  The Pirate Seas, you fight to defend your brains from attacks from zombies hot in cannons, swinging in by rope and being carried by birds and parrots that attack and carry your plants off into the sky.  (   The Wild West takes up “planting space” with railroads and zombies that jump behind your plants to eat them.  The Ancient Egypt is the first and has zombies that create sand tornadoes and tombstones that protect the zombies from your plants.   gadget-grave-plants-vs-zombies-3 The plants are cute.  There are boomerang plants, lettuce heads that throw lettuce and these cute “spring beans” The “string beans” send pirates off the deck and into the water.  Another difference is the ability to “feed” your plants special “leaves” which allows you “super strength” temporarily.   (  Experimenting with different plants and their “special powers” allows another step into the plan of saving your brains.   One downfall is money.  The game is free to download and play but if you want the cool plants, more sun or any extras- you have to pay for it.  I am not opposed of spending money but do not have extra money to spend on game “accessories.”  Unlocking every plant will set you back $20 and the different worlds about $5.  Not a bad price for a free app.  Of course you can purchase this game for the PC or gaming console as well.   (   The game has highly rated with an iTunes rating of 4.5 out of 5 ( and a 4 out of 5 stars from the Google Play store.  ( gadget-grave-plants-vs-zombies This game has taken China by storm.  The sequel is the top-ranked game with over 4 million downloads for the first 6 months of its release.  Plants vs Zombies is a game for all ages as I was introduced to the game by my 2 year old nephew (do not worry Tim, I have a few games to introduce to Noah when he is older) and a good way to deal with the stress of the day.   Available_GooglePlay_Button app_store_badge_en_0609

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