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Recording music with your iPhone and iPad

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Recording music with your iPhone and iPad has never been easier.  There is an app for that- a little high you need to purchase a few things- unless you have the items already- then you just need an app. First for the iPhone 4/4S/5- you need to purchase a Apogee Jam guitar interface (Apogee Website).  This device will set you back  $100 unless you can find it cheaper (Click here to buy).  For the iPhone 5 and above- you need to a lightning to 30-Pin adapter.  With both- you can record using a garage band app.  If you want to record vocals- you need to buy a Blue Mikey or something similar.  These tools allow you phone to become a recording booth.recording-music-with-your-iphone-ipad-3 For your iPad you need to get an Apple camera connection kit and a Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 USB interface to connect the guitar to your tablet.  To add vocals, you will need an USB microphone.  For the iPads, you will need to add the lightning to 30-Pin adapter.  (Recording with iPhone and iPad).recording-music-with-your-iphone-ipad-1 GarageBand ’11 is a great studio app.  This app cost $14.99 and interfaces between devices well.  You can use the app to learn how to play the piano and/or guitar.  There are two windows open and it is easy to maneuver.  There are many menus with hidden less used features that are easily accessed.  The ratings are 4 out of 5 stars from CNET (Download Garage Band Here) and the same for iTunes.  It is a good beginner program. recording-music-with-your-iphone-ipad-2 Music Studio is a step up from GarageBand ’11.  This app contains more options and it has an extensive interface that is instinctual and recognizable.  There are tons of stock instruments plus you can purchase other tones adding to your possible options.  This also recognizes a mic and other plug-in to allow you to add your own instrument and vocals (see above for plug-ins.).  For the price, it is a good app if you are ready to get your music out there without a studio.  The rating for this app is 5 out of 5 stars. MultiTrack DAW is a less expensive recording app.  The app allows musicians to record up to 4 tracks – with 8 tracks live recording is coming soon- with an USB input.  This app is great for those who want to record their rehearsals or their shows.  You can upgrade the recording ability for extra money.  This app is for the iPad though. The last app is cheaper but will leave you wanting more.  First is the Imachine.  This app has some great features- playing velocity scale in real time for each drum pad- that is fun to play.  The drum machine syncs with music, it sounds okay and is relatively easy to use.  You can import music or record your own samples.   It is not extensive as the apps listed above and mixing music is not quite as easy but is great for individuals practicing and improving. If you want a true recording studio feel- GarageBand is a great choice for Recording music with your iPhone and iPad and the Multitrak DAW is great for the iPad.  Of course if you do not want to spend 14.99, the Imachine is a good choice for both the iPad and iPhone.    

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