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Ebates Review

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Ebates Review - I am a frugal person- raising 3 teens and 1 almost 10 year old; being thrifty means more nice clothes for the kids needing to stretch every dollar.  This site gives you cash back for using their links to maneuver to stores. ebates-review-gadget-grave-1 When you first register, you get a free gift card to your choice of venues (such as Target, Walmart, Amazon plus one for Ebates.)  On the left side of the screen, you can either select a store or select a category.  In the top middle are vendors offering double cash back and the in the middle are “deals of the Week.”  The bottom lists featured stores and coupons.  The right side contains a welcome video, your account information as well as few ads- such as an app for you smartphone or tablet!  (Ebates Website) Sign-ups are easy, you just type in your email and the password you want to have for the site.  Under My Ebates, you will type in your shipping address and Notification settings – to either receive or to not receive emails.  You can check for your cash back in about 48 hours from the purchase.  If you do not see a cash back owed, contact customer service- with the transaction number and amount and it does not take long to get the credit.ebates-review-gadget-grave-2 The money is distributed 4 times a year – May 15, Aug 15, Nov 15 and Feb 15.  Purchases for the first distribution must be made by March 31, the second by June 30, third by Sept 30 and Lastly by Dec 31- and it is disbursed several different ways.  The money can be mailed by check- no fee to you, through PayPal or you can send the money to a charity, family member or another organization. ebates-review-gadget-grave-3According to Cam Secore, (Ebates Review) the company is affiliated with many stores- online sites only which the site receives a commission for every dollar you spend- thus they pay you a little percentage for using their site.  The site is not a scam and I have gained approximately 2% back on my earnings.  That may not sound much but when you spend around 400 just in clothing for kids- you are getting $80.00 back; that $80.00 means that you truly spend about $80 for your children’s clothing.  Add this to name brand places such as Aeropostale- and it is a great deal.  Plus, when you visit the site, you can check for the deals- such as double the percentage of cash back as well as free shipping AND using coupons that you get and the amount of clothes that you can get increases.  With Journey’s- I was able to buy 4 pairs of shoes for the kids- a pair of Sperry’s, and 3 Converse shoes for 149.00 and received $6.00 cash back.  It is not much but it added up – and buying Christmas for 4 kids and 2 grandkids, We saved 15.00 and spent around $300- which is 5% (half of the sales tax in the area). Some stores listed on Ebates are Best Buy, Target, Areopostale, GameStop, Forever 21, Journey’s and Weight Watchers.  Go try it, the savings can add up and a penny saved is a penny earned.

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