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  1. Technophobia (from Greek τέχνη technē, "art, skill, craft" and φόβος phobos, "fear") is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.

A vast ocean of dangerous opportunity lies before us due to the seemingly limitless catalyst that is technology. The world is certainly getting smaller around us and increasingly scary as well. A few happenings lately have led me to believe that unchecked, we could become a society much like that portrayed in the movie Minority Report with companies as familiar as Google getting the gears turning.


A society where horrible people can be caught before they do horrible things might not sound like a bad thing, unless you are remotely aware of human nature. Does this make technophobia a real thing? Too much power can lead to bad things and your privacy is of utmost of importance. This is why some people might experience technophobia Who gets to draw that line? How could we surrender the priviledge of our privacy for the hope that other humans will treat it as their own? Google seems to be first in line to provide their opinion as they tip off Houston Police to illegal content in a man’s Gmail account. While this man deserves to be in prison as the content was the worst kind, it is controversial that they even had the right to do so.


The world of drones is rapidly developing and changing daily. Drones have even  affected our local economy recently as the 188th acquired it’s new unmanned drone mission. BP has received a permit from the FAA to begin using drones commercially to survey equipment, pipelines and roadways in Prudhoe, Alaska. While the commercial use is exciting, it can also be quite scary. Drones provide a fantastic scope of surveillance that was previously unavailable.. It is widely believed that heavy drone activity in cities could lead to injuries and deaths from crashes. While drones will likely save many lives there are some potential sacrifices to our privacy to be mindful of.


Its scary to think that our location is so easily attained these days but Facebook thinks its an awesome idea. This blog isn’t supposed to be doom and gloom, these are things that are right out in the opening and outright concerning. Facebook has developed a Nearby feature that shares your current location with all your friends. The need to be available at all times and be part of a constant online stream of consciousness type conversation is incredible and unlike anything else in our known history; at least Facebook thinks so. We all want to be more and more connected right? Call me old fashioned I enjoy a little privacy in my life and my location is just none of your business. Maybe I'm technophobia. Facebook does turn this setting off by default so it’s not the worst thing they have ever done.

It’s not wise to fear technology, you have to embrace it in this day and age. Privacy is a hard thing to get back once it is lost and the tech giants don’t seem to see an issue with bruising it up a bit. While I love the fact that criminals can be caught more easily, I don’t like the fact that Google would share my information so readily with law enforcement such as email. What if someone obtained your email information and framed you? Suppose we should all just change our passwords often.

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