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Android Lollipop

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If there is anyone as excited about Google’s new 5th version of Android “Lollipop” it would have to be me! Besides a total revamp of the OS there are some really useful features to make your Android experience totally awesome. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty! Not long ago, Google officially announced Android 5.0 Lollipop.  Lollipop is going to be huge for a lot of reasons. One, it is the first OS to launch that Google has used as an “open-book” policy. What this means is Google will allow Developers to have early access to the Beta in order to give feedback; this will improve the system. Not only is this new ground for Google; it will benefit the telecommunication industry as a whole. With this method, Lollipop is now going to be the most important Android update to hit the market. Lollipop will make Android the ultimate, and more superior OS to date. While Lollipop will come to only Nexus devices at first it will slowly make its way to other Android phones. Here are some major changes making up Android Lollipop. Lollipop will bring a powerful OS with a look that is pleasing to the eye Screenshot_2014-11-05-15-00-34-1455x1940 Lollipop, to be honest, is very pretty. It uses the standard colors Google uses for all their systems, but using a minimalist style that is aesthetically pleasing. The setup is colorful and streamlined. Google replaced the black colors users had to look at when doing the device setup. The setup gives you a preview of what the Lollipop system has to offer as a whole. Lollipop also has an improved keyboard and images so sharp you can actually focus. Under the hood Lollipop has been overhauled if you will. Speed improvements up to 4 times faster than previous versions. Lollipop has compacted background apps so you can do more at once. Another cool feature is that you will be able to back up your information from your old device by touching the backs together using their NFC feature during setup. Improved notifications deliver the ultimate user experience pick-up Lollipop offers new and improved notification settings this is what will make Lollipop a truly great operating system. New messages will appear directly on your lock screen, like iOS. But unlike iOS, Lollipop can respond to any message from the lock screen. Even better you have the option to hide sensitive information through settings. Lollipop also borrows some ideas from Windows Phone. This is called Priority mode, like Cortana a user can setup times when they do not want to receive notifications. This can also be customized to allow only important notifications to come trough when needed. Lollipop is so advanced, as it will automatically rate any notifications based on importance without any input from the user. Lollipop is going to be the OS that learns from its user. Exceptionally longer battery life devices Lollipop is also making strides to improve battery life. Lollipop will now include a battery saver mode that can extend your phones battery by at least 90 minutes. While charging, the user can see the estimated time it will take to completely charge your device. Google has also taken major strides to improve battery life. Lollipop will now automatically include a battery saver mode that can extend your phone’s life by 90 minutes. While charging, users will also be able to see the estimated time it will take to complete. What is also cool the battery settings will give users an estimate time before they have to charge again. All in all this is a preview of what’s to come from Android Lollipop that is to be released soon. With all the enhancements and aesthetically pleasing interface I cannot wait to give this puppy a try! Stay tuned here and when I get a developer preview on one of my devices I will go into more detail and actually give some pro and cons and what to expect.  

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