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Android Problem

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  Android problem 1. Stop using data when abroad. One option is an app called APNd on/off from Google play. This turns off your data connections from a widget on your home screen. This method is way easier than going through your settings.   Android problem 2. My phone has frozen Usually a soft reset will solve this issue. There is an app from the play store that will do this for you. Fast Reboot is an app that simulates a soft reset and closes all running processes with one tap of your finger.   Android problem 3. Why can I download any app from the play store? The problem is some apps are made for certain resolutions that your phone cannot handle. And there are apps that are not made for your particular phone or tablet. The higher end devices tend to support more apps by default. But fear not there are plenty of apps that are capable of running cross platforms. How-to-Speed-Up-Android-Phone Android problem 4. My WiFi doesn’t stay connected. Here is the fix, go to Wireless & networks / WiFi settings and press the menu key. Choose ‘Advanced’ and change the sleep policy to ‘Never’. This will usually solve most problems for a majority of the people who have these issues.   Android problem 5. Why is my phone/tablet running out of memory? There are so many reasons this is happening. The usual is the cache gets full, that’s where the apps data is stored. I have used App Cache Cleaner with excellent results. The   other option is to remove apps that you are no longer using, or move them to your SDCard. android Android problem 6. How do I see how much data I am using? There is a setting that all android phones have to check your data. Go to settings/and Data usage there you will find the amount of data you are using and actually set data limits. Even turn it off if you must.   Android problems 7. Keyboard problems? There is an app for that! There are actually quite a few. There is even one built into newer devices. The apps are Slideit and Swiftkey, the let you use your finger to slide across your keyboard and with the help of autocorrect spells the word out for you.   Android problem 8. Why is my SDCard not working? Sometimes these cards can get corrupt. The most effected solution is to try and format the card on a PC. Using Explorer in Window you can right click the SDCard and chose to format to fat32. This seems to work better than using your phone. gvqOg Android problem 9. I can’t see my screen in the sunlight. There is a way to take care of this. You could use an anti-glare screen protector on the screen. What is sad is there is really no way to actually remedy this problem. I have turn up the brightness has helped me under certain circumstances.   Android problem 10. Why are games running slow on my device? Well first some of the budget phones have sower processors and graphics chips. The only solution is to test the device out before buy it because some phones are better than others and specs are not the end all on how it will play a game. APN on/off App Cache Cleaner Slideit Swiftkey    

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