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With many large phones in the market, it leaves one to wonder what is the best “phablet (phone +tablet) out on the market.   The most popular brands include Sony, Nokia and Samsung- with Samsung giving you 2 choices! Up first- is Sony.  Sony phones have not penetrated the market like other phones- but their Sony Xperia Z Ultra.  This phone is water resistant for up to one meter, and is dust proof.  The display is a 6.4-inch screen made with shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass.  Also, it has 10-finger multi-touch.  This phone has an 8MP camera with a 2MP front camera.  This phone is a great buy for those who tend to be hard on phones.  (  This phone has 3-color choices- black, white and purple.  The internal storage is 16GB with the option to expand to 64GB with the micro SD slot.  ( sony-xperia-z-ultra Up next, we have the Nokia Lumia 1520.  This phone has a 6-inch screen with scratch resistant glass.  The Lumia has a Windows 8 – but with the new updated App store, this phone is great especially for those who love to take pictures with their phone!  The back camera is 20 MP!  This camera is amazing.  The front camera is only 1.2MP, which is lack luster.  (  The phone is beautifully made in yellow, red, white and black.  The phone is PVC free, made of recycled metals and free of nickel on the surface.   This device comes with either 16GB or 32GB internal memory with the ability to expand to 64GB with the micro SD card slot.  Also, there is 7GB of cloud storage.   (  If you like Windows 8- this phone is a great find! sony-xperia-z-ultra3 Lastly are the two Samsung devices.  Both devices have a beautiful design- which is similar to all the newer Galaxy S devices (beginning with the Galaxy SIII).  The first is the Samsung Galaxy Mega.  The screen is 6.3 inches.  It is not resistant to scratches but does have a “super clear LCD.”  The camera is 8MP and the front-facing camera is 1.9MP.  The processor is not too bad and it contains 16GB of internal memory expandable with SD card slot up to as high as 64GB.  The phone is popular with individuals wanting a nice less expensive phablet.   ( ).    Some benefits is mulit-window and split/tablet view- allowing multitasking. ( IMG_2767-e1370443816456 The second Samsung phablet is the Note 3.  The Note 3 is a slightly smaller screen- 5.7-inch but is a HD super AMOLED screen.  The camera is 13MP with a 2MP front camera.  The processor is better than the Mega.  (  The color choices for the Note 3 include:  black, white, red, pink and gold.  The device is has 32GB internal memory with SD card slot – expandable up 64GB.  (   With the most known phablets listed- one may not know what phone to choose but it is easy.  If you want a budget friendly large screen phone- then the Samsung Mega is the phone for you.  If you want a phablet that will (hopefully) last through all the drops, swims in the toilet- then the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is the phone for you.  For the best pictures-  Nokia Lumia 1520 is the phone for you.  Lastly, for a good overall phone that is not too big, has a good camera and is nice- Samsung Note 3 is for you.

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