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Nokia’s Z Launcher

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Nokia may have sold its smartphone division but Nokia is continually developing new tablets and items such as apps. Nokia has released the Launcher Beta version and to say the least- it is interesting and could be a great addition to your smartphone. The Z Launcher had around 10,000 testers and when the beta was released to all android users, the Z Launcher was downloaded 100,000 times and Nokia had to temporarily stop new users. What is the fuss all about? Lets find out. nokia-z-launcher-gadget-grave-3 What is the Z launcher? The Z launcher is Nokia’s first Android app that is another “Home Screen.” The Z Launcher though is much more than just another home screen but offers you so much more. The Z launcher will change everything about home screens in smartphones. If you have a Samsung smartphone- you are probably using TouchWiz. Touchwiz is Samsung’s way of setting up and running Android and you can change this by installing home screen apps such as Z Launcher. nokia-z-launcher-gadget-grave-2 I downloaded the Z launcher onto my Galaxy S5. The first thing, after the Z Launcher was installed, the Z launcher did was pull up my most used apps and contacts onto my home screen. If you know me, you know that this – to me- is a downfall. I do not like anything on my home screen and that is my favorite part about my Android: the ability to have all apps in the app drawer. Do not get me wrong, the Z Launcher is laid out beautifully and is great for anyone who like icons on their home screen. The Z launcher offers a tutorial on how to use the Z Launcher. It is quite easy. When I want to call or text my son, all I have to do is start writing his name. When I write on the screen with my finger- S it immediately pulls up the top six apps and contacts. I can select my son from the list of items. This feature is awesome and it beats finding his name in my contacts, recent call list or within my text message Another feature of the Z Launcher is that the Z Launcher is intuitive.   What does this mean? It means that your home screen is ever changing. The Z Launcher learns what you do the most with your smartphone and uses this information to customize your home screen. If you call/text the same people over and over again, these people will be on your home screen as well as any apps you use on a regular basis. The Z Launcher will place other apps and contacts that you do not use at the end of the list but do not worry- if you need them, all you have to do is start writing the name on the screen and it will come up. I do like many of the features of the Z Launcher but it will not be for me unless I can remove everything off my home screen. For those who have icons and widgets on your home screen, the Z Launcher will be one that will be great for your smartphone! Go try the Z Launcher, it will not let you down.

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