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Android Lollipop Tips and Tricks Part 2

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In part two of our Android Lollipop tips and tricks we will show more cool ways to show off this amazing lollipop treat. New Search for Settings  Also See: Android Lollipop Tips and Tricks Part 3 Android Lollipop has a lot of settings. If you love to customize everything about your phone this is really cool feature. However it can be a nightmare for average users to navigate. So here comes Google to the rescue, It has done a lot to make it easier to navigate the settings application, by revamping the search feature. When you go to the Settings app you will see a new magnifying glass search icon in the top right. It will appear on most pages in the Settings app. You can use it to find settings without going through each page to find what you want. The search results aren’t as robust as I’d like to see, but it does a darn good job at it. settings Smart Lock It is always a good idea to have a little layer of security on your device. But the biggest problem with using a password or pattern lock is that it ends up slowing me down way more than anyone else. Android Lollipop has a new feature called “Smart Lock” it lets you tell your phone when it’s safe. Android Lollipop has three ways to make your phone trust you.
  1. Trusted devices– If you have any Bluetooth or NFC device it can be added here. When those devices are connected your lock screen security is disabled. 2. Trusted face– This is Google’s better implementation of “Face Unlock.” After you scan your face it will look for you every time you unlock your device. If it recognizes you the lock screen security will be disabled. 3. Trusted places – With this option you can see any location you’ve added to your Google account. You can also toggle these on or add a new place manually. When you are at those locations the lock screen security will be disabled.
With these three options Android Lollipop can make it so you don’t have to constantly enter passwords or patterns, also if your device is stolen or left somewhere it will know to lock others out. These options can be accessed in Settings > Security > Smart Lock. smart lock Hiding Sensitive Data You can hide sensitive notifications. With all notifications now shown on the lock screen, anyone can read them even if you have a password or pattern lock on your screen. Now you can pick apps individually as sensitive, or you can let Android Lollipop do it for you. Go to Settings > Sound & notification > When device is locked. There you’ll see 3 options to choose from “show all, hide sensitive content, and show none.” You will need to select the second option and hide sensitive content. Now when your app that you’ve marked as “Sensitive” displays a notification on the lock screen you will only see the app name and “contents hidden.” Sweet huh? hide senstive Quick Flashlight Finally The days of having to install flashlight apps from the Play store are over. Android Lollipop has added a Flashlight toggle to the Quick Settings. To access the Flashlight toggle you can swipe down from the top of the display with two fingers (or pull down on the notification shade) and tap “Flashlight.” Your LED flash should immediately turn on. Flashlight

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